Release Date

MAME 0.100u2 was released on 22 September 2005.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Aaron Giles fixed a bug that caused VIDEO_EOF routines to be called while paused. This led to weird graphics and out of timers messages in some games.
  • David Haywood separated the Sega C2 driver into several other pieces.
  • Aaron Giles changed the m72 video updating to use partial updates.
  • R. Belmont replaced the old Prop Cycle input hacks with proper analog control. For best results, delete your propcycl.nv file and calibrate (same procedure as Cyber Cycles and Final Lap R) before playing.
  • smf fixed an error message when auditing optional files.
  • MASH bumped interleave in the elecyoyo driver to avoid attract mode hang.
  • MASH flipped the solarq overlay.
  • Aaron Giles updated the Sega C2 driver:
    • got Twin Squash working
    • fixed column scroll with a line scroll of 8
    • cleaned up input ports
    • cleaned up Ribbit protection implementation
    • fixed protection for Print Club games
    • filled out memory map according to cgfm's documentation
    • hooked up protection for Print Club v.2, 4, 5
  • ElSemi implemented the raster split interrupt in System FL games, making Final Lap R work fully.
  • Roberto Fresca cleaned up driver flags and parent/child relationships in the funworld driver.
  • R. Belmont made a small NSS update:
    • Fixed disassembly of 2 SPC700 instructions
    • Fixed behavior of the APU port clear flag to not clobber the output ports - games now can boot and run without the "APU skipper"
    • Fixed SPC700 CMP instruction flags
  • Olivier Galibert made some under-the-hood debugger changes:
    • Added an osd-private void * to debug_views
    • Made view sizing more dynamic

Game Support

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