Release Date

MAME 0.101u5 was released on 4 November 2005.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • R. Belmont added a FIFO for the sound commands in Sega Model 1 driver so they no longer get lost at startup. Fixed the CPU speed of the 68000.
  • cync implemented several missing features in the Namco NA sound emulator.
  • Anonymous fixed J. League protection workarounds so they work for 2 player games as well. Also fixed sonic so it works as well as the prototype version (still major graphics issues).
  • Atari Ace marked several large arrays properly as const.
  • Ernesto Corvi fixed the 6805 core so that CLRA does not modify the carry flag.
  • Ville Linde committed a Model 3 update:
    • Added Daytona USA 2 Power Edition
    • Huge update to the video hardware, including:
      • Transparency support (polygons and textures)
      • Nearly perfect rendering order (something we never got right in Supermodel :-)
      • Parallel lighting
      • Texture coordinate mirroring
  • Aaron Giles added very experimental rasterizer generator for the Voodoo emulator, which generates X86 assembly blitters optimized for each case. Unfortunately, it doesn't help performance much and they are still too buggy so they are disabled for now. Enable them in the makefile.
  • Aaron Giles made some of the hack optimizations runtime enableable in the Voodoo emulator, and added a frameskipper. Use Ctrl+1-6 to control frameskipping, Ctrl+F/H/Q to run at full/half/quarter resolution.
  • Aaron Giles rewrote most of the validity checks so the full set now completes in well under 1 second, minus I/O time from paging in data. Also added region size checking versus memory maps to the validity checks. Moved all validity checks to a new file validity.c.
  • Aaron Giles changed the AM_REGION() macro to store region/offset information instead of a pointer to simplify some of the region valdation code.

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