Release Date

MAME 0.105u3 was released on 26 April 2006.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Roberto Fresca fixed and cleaned up the DIP switches in the dec0 driver.
  • David Haywood made more improvements to the PGM video code. Also added hooks for halting the sound CPU which allows ddp2 to boot.
  • Nathan Woods refactored the 8530 CIA code from the Amiga into a separate module and made it support both the 6526 and 8530 variants.
  • Twisty fixed/improved DIP switches in the megasys1, dietgo, and yunsun16 drivers.
  • Sonikos fixed some DIP switches and added controls for 2nd player in cocktail mode in Lost Castle in Darkmist.
  • Giuseppe Gorgoglione fixed a number of issues in the Windows rendering code:
    • fixed blit_vectors so it used the dirty pixel array in D3D mode
    • fixed blit_vectors rotation issue for dirty pixels as well
    • changed -full_screen_brightness to -full_screen_gamma (which is a more correct description)
    • changed -d3dfilter to be a boolean, since the other filtering modes are either obsolete or not applicable to MAME
    • removed limitations on windowing position so you no longer need to be aligned on an 8-pixel boundary
    • cleaned up a number of unused global variables
    • improved multi-monitor support to work in GDI mode as well as in non-full-screen modes
    • added missing documentation for the -screen parameter
  • Atari Ace fixed some remaining errors and inconsistencies in the content and usage of MAME header files by comparing declarations against actual definitions. Removed many orphaned/duplicate declarations. Added #includes where appropriate, and moved a few declarations to another file when they were in the wrong location.
  • Aaron Giles removed a number of unused ROM regions. Most (but not all) of the empty ROM region warnings are now taken care of. Also uncommented/added missing undumped ROMs/XORs in the Namco and CPS2 games.
  • Aaron Giles did more Amiga cleanups:
    • fixed dual playfield mode
    • rewrote blitter code (fixes glitches in ar_bowl and others)
    • changed Arcadia boot loading to use ROMtags instead of autoconfig
    • swapped Kickstart 1.2 in for Arcadia BIOS (fixes ar_sdwr)

Game Support

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