Release Date

MAME 0.108u3 was released on 7 September 2006.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Robiza improved offsets of the "normal spites" in the SSV games twineag2, ultrax, and dynagear.
  • David Haywood added a missing video change to the lethalen driver.
  • Andrew Gardner made some improvements to the debugger:
    • added ability to tab between views in the disassembly windows
    • added a 'cursor' to the dasm view and hooked up navigation keys
    • added F4 'run to here' key when the disasm view has focus
    • added F9 'toggle breakpoint' key when the disasm view has focus
    • enhanced memory view keyboard navigation
  • David Haywood added a workaround for a crash in the sound code under some edge cases.
  • David Haywood fixed background ROM loading in the new wbmlbg set.
  • wolf676 overhauled and corrected the DIP switches in the trivia and quiz games in the findout driver.
  • Eugene Sandulenko made TIA-MC1 driver improvements:
    • fixed documentation
    • hooked game counter and coin lockout
    • added save state support
  • El Condor fixed the 6840 counter behavior in continuous mode.
  • wolf676 identified some unknown DIP switches in Robby Roto.
  • Steph commited a big update to the arkanoid driver which improves emulation of some bootlegs:
    • Interverted 'arkblock' and 'arkbloc2' sets for better comparaison
    • Renamed sets :
      • 'arkbl2' -> 'arkmcubl'
      • 'arkbl3' -> 'arkgcbl'
    • Changed some games descriptions
    • Removed flags from the following sets :
      • 'arkbloc2' (old 'arkblock')
      • 'arkgcbl' (old 'arkbl3')
      • 'paddle2'
  • Nathan Woods fixed a multithreading race condition at startup.
  • Firewave added some minimal validation on the sample rate configuration parameters.
  • Brian Troha fixed a few DIP switches and added diplocation setting for Wonder Stick in the nmg5.c driver.
  • El Condor did a big update to the MPU4 driver:
    • added support for reverse clocking in the VFD code.
    • changed the 6840 to not run the counter clock if no frequency is specified
    • reworked the MPU4 drastically to be more in sync with AGEMAME
    • MPU4 video should now be working a little better
    • deprecated 6850acia.c, replacing it with a specialized driver
  • Nathan Woods updated core.mak to ensure the make clean will remove file2str.exe.
  • Aaron Giles added a new ROM loading option, ROM_IGNORE() which works just like ROM_CONTINUE() except that you don't need to load the data anywhere. It can be used when larger ROMs are present and only a portion of the data is used. See solomon.c for an example.
  • Aaron Giles added a driver_data member to the Machine structure, where drivers can hang data instead of using global variables. Added MDRV_DRIVER_DATA macro so the core can allocate this structure at startup. Added AM_BASE_MEMBER and AM_SIZE_MEMBER which are similar to AM_BASE and AM_SIZE but let you specify a member of a struct hanging off of driver_data. Updated the Turbo driver to use these new features as an experiment.
  • Aaron Giles commited more Turbo driver cleanups:
    • doubled the horizontal resolution to better draw analog sprites
    • improved Buck Rogers and Subroc video

Game Support

New clones added

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING