Release Date

MAME 0.110u3 was released on 25 November 2006.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • David Haywood added a raw decryption table to choko. Enabled the use of the large CHD-based tables by default.
  • Atari Ace changed kram3 decryption to use external tables instead of hard-coded ones in the source.
  • Ville Linde updated the Konami drivers:
    • drivers/gticlub.c:
      • Moved video hardware to vidhrdw/gticlub.c
      • Hooked up sound emulation
      • Added dual-screen support for Hang Pilot
    • drivers/hornet.c:
      • Added support for multiple K037122 chips
      • Added dual-screen support for Silent Scope & Silent Scope 2
    • drivers/nwk-tr.c:
      • Added support for multiple K001604 chips
      • Hooked up sound emulation
    • vidhrdw/gticlub.c:
      • Added texture-mapping and z-buffer to K001005 emulation
    • general:
      • Consolidated K056800 emulation (machine/konamiic.c)
      • Improved Hang Pilot/NWK-TR gfx board emulation
  • Mariusz Wojcieszek commited STV fixes:
    • vdp2: fixed vertical scrolling for RGB bitmaps (fixes corrupted gfx in batmanfr)
    • vdp2: fixed vertical line scrolling for zoomed layers (fixes corrupted backgrounds in astrass)
    • stv: added speedup for master sh2 in batmanfr
  • Rainer Keuchel fixed a bug in overflow handling and SUBC emulation in the TMS32010 core.
  • Derrick Renaud reverted Mario Bros. graphics offset since it caused issues elsewhere.
  • Aaron Giles enhanced chd.c to support hunk sizes up to 16MB, versus the previous 64k limit.
  • Aaron Giles added hooks to chd.c to specify codec-specific configuration info.
  • Aaron Giles removed obsolete timing parameter from stream_update().
  • Aaron Giles cleaned up cdrom.c. Removed audio implementation and relocated code into sound/cdda.c. Changed metadata format to be textual instead of binary (old metadata format is still supported). Removed external access to CHD positions; all accesses are now done at the physical LBA level and converted internally.
  • Aaron Giles added support for split CHD files. CHD files can be transparently split into multiple pieces and left that way during read access. Modifications to split files are always written to the last file. A new command chdman -split is now available to split an existing CHD file.
  • Aaron Giles added new option -fontpath to control where the font files are loaded from.
  • Aaron Giles added ability for options_add_entries() to override defaults specified in the core. To do this, simply include an option in the list with the same name as the core option and provide a new default. This default will override the one specified in the core.

Game Support

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