Release Date

MAME 0.112 was released on 5 February 2007.

Major Announcement

This release of MAME happened 10 years after the original release of 0.1. After 10 years, hundreds of developers, thousands of games, and tens of thousands (if not more) of hours of hard work, MAME development is still going strong.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Nathan Woods added osd_rmfile to the osdcore, replacing calls to remove().
  • Atari Ace cleaned up a number of drivers that were using malloc from within DRIVER_INIT to use malloc_or_die instead.
  • stephh updated Tempest to support second player controls.
  • Vas Crabb updated the dooyong driver to use the new-style banking system. Also added some preliminary save state support.
  • Roberto Fresca made some improvements to pmpoker.c:
    • Crystal documented via #define.
    • CPU clock derived from #defined crystal value.
    • Replaced simulated colors with proper color prom decode.
    • Cleaned up the driver a bit.
    • Updated color PROMs
  • Roberto Fresca made some improvements to funworld.c:
    • All crystals documented via #defines.
    • All CPU and sound clocks derived from #defined crystal values.
    • Added DIPLOCATIONS to all games.
    • Added proper tsc87c52 MCU dumps to monglfir and soccernew.
    • Modified the refresh rate to 60 fps.
  • Chris Hardy fixed Moon Patrol scrolling so that it matches the schematics.
  • Lord Nightmare Proper implementation of noise generator in the Exidy/Berzerk sound circuit.
  • stephh fixed toaplan2.c driver to add controls for player 3 in 'fixeigh*' (of course, main set - 'fixeight' - still remains unplayable).
  • Brian Troha added DIP locations to wwffest, ninjaw, and itech32 drivers.
  • R. Belmont Rewrote faux x86 assembly in the Irem GA20 sound core.
  • Nathan Woods made minor cleanups to the 8039 disassembler.
  • Quench improved the sslam driver:
    • corrected the music sequencing simulation of the sound controller in SSLAM based on poking a real board Guru kindly provided.
    • added save state support
    • added DIP locations
  • R. Belmont fixed a crash in cybrcomm due to missing ROM.
  • Aaron Giles changed alpha blending code to use multiplies instead of table lookups to simplify it.
  • Aaron Giles cleaned up some poorly written code in konamiic.c; there is still much work to be done here, but it fixes the GX sprites.
  • Aaron Giles removed linear interpolation from the BSMT2000 by default since the original chip did not do interpolation.

Game Support

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