Release Date

MAME 0.113 was released on 5 March 2007.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Zsolt Vasvari removed unnecessary idle skipping code from the m92 and deco32 drivers. This allows removal of a couple of now-unused functions from cpuexec.
  • Zsolt Vasvari removed cpu_gethorzbeampos() and replaced it with calls to video_screen_get_hpos(). Also changed TMS34010 configuration to take a screen number, and changed atarigen_get_hblank() to take a screen number as well.
  • R. Belmont fixed the model2.c ROM definitions for some games that weren't even loading and made the infamous unknown z-sort mode not a fatal error.
  • BUT fixed a bug where the window thread would stop processing events when mame was paused.
  • David Haywood changed the 'Tournament' Street Fighter games to not have a network adapter present by default.
  • David Haywood fixed the incorrect Eolith speedup patch from u3.
  • Derrick Renaud fixed regressions in 3 of the discrete games from 0.112u4.
  • Derrick Renaud fixed all analog controls for the newly enabled validity checks including the following:
    • demndrgn - changed to proper IPT_AD_STICK controls.
    • konamigt, hcrash, rf2 - set to proper PADDLE control and fixed mask.
    • overdriv - changed to proper PADDLE control.
    • sspeedr - changed to IPT_POSITIONAL with PORT_REMAP_TABLE controls for gas and steering fixing both.
    • midvunit.c - changed games so the brake pedal shows on player1
    • simpbowl - fixed port mask, now trackball works proper without glitching
    • ssrj - fixed gas pedal
    • namcos2 - fixed inputs on all games (may need to delete nv files)
  • Ruben added diplocations to the driver segas16a, segas16b, segas18, megaplay, news, ninjadks2 and nemesis drivers. In segas16b, added in SDI allow_continue. In megaplay (Mazin Wars) updated the name of dip with the real name from game setting.
  • Stefan Jokisch split the sprint4 and ultratnk drivers again. Brought the Sprint 4 driver up to date.
  • Kevin Eshbach added save state support to Combatribes and Jail Break.
  • Curt Coder added preliminary sound to Destroyer and Altair. White noise is missing, and Draco is still silent.
  • Aaron Giles added tools to generate regression tests and reports. The report generator is cross-platform, but the test running code is Windows-only at the moment.
  • Aaron Giles fixed a regression in Nintendo games that did not specify a clock for the NES APU.
  • Aaron Giles rewrote the BSMT2000 to be more accurate. Various modes are now software selected at startup based on the register value at reset time. Changed all existing drivers so they properly hooked up the reset line on the chip in order to make this control work. Also added correct BSMT2000 ADPCM output.
  • Aaron Giles defined several new exit codes for "unknown game" and "invalid config" and changed the Windows OSD layer to output them. * Aaron Giles
  • Aaron Giles removed obsolete joystick calibration junk from the osdepend layer. If anyone needs this functionality, I will look into providing a way for the OSD code to add menus in the UI.
  • Aaron Giles changed file2str to be built into the obj directory.

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