Release Date

MAME 0.114u4 was released on 3 May 2007.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Tormod Tjaberg updated the clocks in Arkanoid based on measurements from a real PCB.
  • Roberto Fresca rewrote the vp906iii driver:
    • Decoded GFX properly.
    • Rewrote the memory map based on program ROMs analysis.
    • Hooked two SY6520/6280 (M6821) PIAs for I/O.
    • Hooked the SY6545 (6845) CRT controller.
    • Fixed size for screen total and visible area based on SY6545 CRTC registers.
    • Added partial inputs through PIAs.
    • Added proper sound through AY8910 (mapped at $0840-$0841).
    • Proper colors through color PROM decode.
    • Added some game-protection workaround.
    • Added NVRAM support.
  • Atari Ace removed some unnecessary NULL checks and fixed some incorrect usage of auto_malloc.
  • Yochizo fixed layer drawing and polygon sorting order in Model 1 games. Improves wingwar significantly.
  • R. Belmont commited a significant ARM7 update:
    • Cleaned up disassembly
    • Added support for many more Thumb instructions
    • Removed unnecessary logging
    • Unaligned reads/writes are supported
  • R. Belmont fixed a crash due to lack of CD in the Success ST-V games.
  • Nathan Woods added calls to support enumerating through options.
  • Zsolt Vasvari removed set_vh_global_attribute() and get_vh_global_attribute_changed() from the dozen or so drivers that used it. In the process, made an effort to clean up the video system for these games. The biggest improvements are route16, hyhoo, tutankhm and liberatr.
  • Wilbert Pol added a cpu core for a cpu nicknamed minx. This cpu core is used to emulate the cpu in the nintendo pokemon mini handheld console.
  • Tafoid fixed and documented clocks in Omega Race.
  • Wilbert Pol improved accuracy of the 6502 CPU cores to implement the read/write that happens on every cycle. Moved the "undocumented" instructions from the 6510 cores into the main 6502 core, since there were several other versions of the 6502 cores which have the same undocumented instructions. Removed some of the #define override magic that was going on to make the code easier to read and understand. Updated the 6510 core port_read and port_write functions to include the ddr register in the parameters.
  • Vas Crabb updated the MIPS3 DRC to align the stack to sixteen-byte boundaries at the point of calls, as required by Mac OS X calling conventions. It doesn't break compatibility with Windows or Linux calling conventions. This fixes crashes in MIPS3 games when running on OS X for Intel.
  • Aaron Giles moved the -verbose option into the core. Added new function mame_printf_verbose() which is governed by this option. Changed all existing verbose output to use the new functions.
  • Aaron Giles changed cpu_boost_interleave(), cpu_spinuntil_time(), and cpu_yielduntil_time() to take mame_time parameters instead of doubles.
  • Aaron Giles changed MDRV_CPU_PERIODIC_INT() to take a frequency parameter instead of a time. This is converted internally to a subseconds value.
  • Aaron Giles fixed the asteroid and llander controls to be buttons not joysticks.
  • Aaron Giles simplified the register and flags management in the TMS34010 core. Reviewed all flag handling and fixed a couple of minor discrepancies.
  • Aaron Giles hooked up the actual TMS32015 on Road Riot 4WD and Steel Talons.
  • Aaron Giles improved accesses to system registers in the i386 core. Added explicit caching of segment data and flags. Fixed several minor issues.
  • Aaron Giles added several AY8910 variants so we can better specify the use of compatible but slightly different chips.

Game Support

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