Release Date

MAME 0.117u1 was released on 19 July 2007.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Roman Scherzer fixed a crash in the chd code if reading beyond the end of the file.
  • David Haywood moved Sand Scorpian and Gals Panic over to use the Pandora emulation. Also fixed some problems in the pandora emulation which improves the sprites in Djboy.
  • Zsolt Vasvari added the new function timer_call_after_resynch(), which effectively sets a zero-duration timer for resynchronization. Replaced instances of zero-duration timers in the code with this more descriptive call.
  • Zsolt Vasvari defined the new macro TIMER_CALLBACK, which should be used to wrap timer callbacks. Added a running_machine * parameter to timer callbacks. Updated all existing timer callbacks to use the new macro.
  • robiza added more opcode decryption to gussun.
  • couriersud added discrete sound to headon and clones in vicdual.c.
  • couriersud added two inverter oscillators supporting enable and mixing in signals to discrete.h / disc_wav.c.
  • Adam Bousley fixed a few bugs in the change lanes video emulation.
  • Phil Stroffolino updated the monzagp driver into a somewhat playable state. There are still some graphics problems. LEDs still need to be hooked up for score/time-remaining display.
  • Zsolt Vasvari updated the Neo-Geo driver:
    • BIOS only driver 'neogeo' no longer crashes
    • Cleaned up memory banking code to use memory_set_bank() instead of memory_set_bank_ptr()
    • Fixed LEDs
  • Alex Jackson made improvements to the toaplan2 driver:
    • Replaced byteswapped truxton2 M68K program ROM with correct one
    • Fixed sound CPU communications in the Raizing games. This is educated guesswork, but it's more complete and probably more correct than what was there before, and doesn't rely on excessive use of cpu_yield()
    • Added more information about the Raizing sets to the comments in the driver, and corrected some errors
    • Reorganized the Battle Garegga sets in a more sensible fashion
  • Aaron Giles reworked the input system to push more features into the core. Cleaned up architecture to properly separate dependencies. Please note that this change only addresses the lower layer of input handling. The upper layer (i.e., input port handling at the driver layer) remains the same. Major changes include:
    • Removed the concept of os_code from the system. Now all codes are defined via a set of macros in input.h. Each code is a 32-bit value that encodes a device class, device index, item class, item modifier, and item ID.
    • Removed OSD functions osd_get_code_list() and osd_get_code_value(). Instead, the OSD layer during osd_init() must register one or more devices and the input items attached to each device via two new functions input_device_add() and input_device_item_add().
    • Separated input sequence code into new module inputseq.c.
    • Moved support for the following options into the core: -mouse, -joystick, -lightgun, -steadykey, -offscreen_reload, -joy_deadzone, -joy_saturation, -paddle_device, -adstick_device, -pedal_device, -dial_device, -trackball_device, -lightgun_device, -positional_device, -mouse_device. The OSD layer should simply register all devices at osd_init() time and allow the core to enable/disable them according to the options.
    • Added two new options: -multikeyboard and -multimouse. By default, both options are OFF. When OFF, the core will combine all keyboard or mouse input into a single keyboard or mouse device. When ON, these options instruct the core to keep inputs for each keyboard and/or mouse independent.
    • Added new option: -joystick_map. This option allows for a 9x9 grid to be specified which controls analog-to-digital mapping of joystick inputs.
    • Changed the Windows implementation of input handling to fully support the raw input interfaces for keyboard and mouse. DirectInput is still used for all joystick inputs, as well as for keyboard and mouse inputs on pre-Windows XP systems. This allows for multiple keyboards and mice to be supported. Also changed keyboard and mouse behavior to use non-exclusive mode in DirectInput, and to keep the devices alive during pause for more consistent input handling.
    • Broke windows.txt into config.txt, which contains all common core-supported options and commmands, and windows.txt, which now only lists Windows-specific additions.
  • Aaron Giles added support for frame update callbacks, similar to pause and exit callbacks but called at the same time as osd_update().
  • Aaron Giles changed osd_init() to no longer return a value. OSD initialization should now rely on fatalerror() to report fatal initialization problems.
  • Aaron Giles added new function mame_schedule_new_driver() which allows for a new driver to be queued after a hard reset.
  • Aaron Giles added experimental new minimal game selection user interface. This interface can be accessed if MAME is started with no parameters, or via the main menu by choosing "Select a New Game". This interface allows you to select a game driver by typing in the name of the game. As you type, MAME's fuzzy name matching code will list the top 15 selections that match. The interface will only display games that it finds in your rompath.
  • Aaron Giles added an "empty" driver which is used to host the game selection screen when no valid game is selected.
  • Aaron Giles changed the behavior in the Windows build so that double-clicking on MAME brings up the new game selection interface.
  • Aaron Giles removed the NOT_A_DRIVER flag which was overloaded to mean two different things. There are now two new flags: GAME_IS_BIOS_ROOT indicates that a particular driver represents a BIOS rather than a full game. And GAME_NO_STANDALONE indicates that the given driver should not be listed or permitted to execute on its own. For MAME, most BIOSes are executable on their own, so they have the GAME_IS_BIOS_ROOT flag set but not the GAME_NO_STANDALONE flag.
  • Aaron Giles added new routines mame_openpath(), mame_readpath(), and mame_closepath() for iterating over all files in a path specification, including support for multiple paths.
  • Aaron Giles changed audit interfaces to take a game_driver * instead of a game index.
  • Aaron Giles changed driver_get_approx_matches() and driver_get_count() APIs to work on arbitrary driver lists rather than being hard-coded to the static driver list. Renamed the functions from driver_get_* to driver_list_get_*

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