Release Date

MAME 0.118u6 was released on 11 September 2007.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Lord Nightmare updated the TMS5220 core to use shifts instead of divides for the parameter interpolation. Also added support for internal clamping to 8-bit output when using the internal DAC.
  • smf fixed a regression that caused CHD games to crash if the CHD was not present. Also fixed change that required write access to CHDs.
  • Aaron Giles fixed CHD search paths again so that they look in parent subdirectories.
  • smf fixed security cassette contents to get Guitar Freaks 3rd Mix (GE949 VER. JAB) in game.
  • Nathan Woods exposed core_vfprintf(), and implemented mame_vfprintf() in terms of that call.
  • David Haywood made some improvements to the Wheels + Fire driver. Still not right.
  • smf added SCSIOP_GET_INQUIRY_BUFFER to scsicd & scsihd.
  • ElSemi made MB86233 core changes:
    • fixed a double move opcode
    • added a previously unknown double move opcode
  • Nathan Woods changed the way MAME handles options internally. Changed mame_options_init() to return a core_options object, which is now passed into mame_execute(). Moved mame_options() to mame.c, which is now only valid while the emulation is running. Audit functions now take a core_options parameter.
  • Tim Lindner made more HD6309 fixes:
    • the SEXW instruction not longer clears the overflow flag
    • now generating an illegal instruction trap if invalid registers specified for TFM
  • Nathan Woods changed Windows message filtering to only apply to MAME game windows.
  • Aaron Giles Made a cleanup pass through the new x86emit.h code emitters, changing the way memory is referenced and replacing macros with inline functions.
  • Aaron Giles updated MIPS and PowerPC drc cores to use the new emitters. Removed the old macro-based ones in x86drc.h.
  • Aaron Giles made -autoframeskip aware of the -speed setting.
  • Aaron Giles fixed stack buffer overrun in install_mem_handler() that broke the Hyperstone-based games under gcc 4.2.1.

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