Release Date

MAME 0.126 was released on 6 July 2008.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • David Haywood replaced the kodb set with complete dump from known bootleg board (different gfx rom layout). Added wofhfh bootleg from mame32plus. Added SF2 Magic Turbo Delta bootleg as non-working.
  • nuapete fixed a possible 64-bit crash/hang with survival.
  • Naibo improved Driver's Eyes:
    • the communication work between CPU and 3D DSP should be limited to the master M68000, if the address mapping is done in the shared memory, master CPU would be disturbed by the slave one.
    • DIP Switches: DIP3 ON for Screen on the left, DIP4 ON for Screen on the right, should not toggle on both
    • The left, center and right screens have separate programs and boards, each would work independantly. About projection angles of left and right screen, the angle is correct on 'DRIVER'S EYES' title screen, however in the tracks of demo mode it doesn't seem correct.
    • The game also features a pretty nice 2D sprite layer, which still doesn't show up yet. It is known that the CPU does constantly feed the 2D video memory some meaningful and logical data.
  • Roberto Fresca and Tomasz Slanina added a new driver for Lucky 74 (Wing Co.Ltd, 1988)
    • Set the proper screen size.
    • Decoded graphics.
    • Decoded the dual-state color circuitry.
    • Mapped the NVRAM, VRAM1-1, VRAM1-2, VRAM2-1 and VRAM2-2 properly.
    • Emulated 2x PPI 8255 devices.
    • Mapped the 4x DIP switches banks.
    • Added PORT_DIPLOCATION to all DIP switches.
    • Added DIP switches for 'Bet Max' and 'Limit'.
    • Added DIP switches for 'Jackpot' and 'Pay Table'.
    • Added the Memory Reset Switch.
    • Added the 2nd video & color RAM.
    • Added a 2nd tilemap for background graphics.
    • Simplified the graphics banks.
    • Fixed colors for foreground graphics.
    • Fixed visible area to show the top of background graphics.
    • Finally fixed colors for background graphics.
    • Added all coinage DIP switches.
    • Mapped all remaining inputs (service and player buttons).
    • Added pulse time limitation to coins A, B & C.
    • Switched to use 4x 8255 in replace of 2x 82c255 for I/O.
    • Created a handler to feed the z80 port0 requests.
    • Promoted lucky74s to 'working' state.
    • Added an alternate set, but the program ROM looks like incomplete, protected or just a bad dump.
    • Parent/clone relationship.
    • Added technical notes.
    • Hooked interrupts.
    • Hooked the AY8910 and therefore the NMI trigger.
    • Changed the input "Key In" to active high.
  • couriersud fixed scrolling speed in case a cheat dat has invalid (i.e. 0) settings.
  • Nathan Woods added per-device and per-CPU validity checks.
  • AndyGeezer added a new Ferrari F355 USA BIOS to Naomi.c
  • David Haywood improved sprite rendering on gaia crusaders (animate at 60fps now, not 30).

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