Release Date

MAME 0.130u1 was released on 19 March 2009.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Important Note

The CHD format has undergone a change with this release. The main reason for this change is to include some of the key metadata into the hashes for the CHDs. This ensures that the metadata is valid and prevents abuse.

The first impact you will find is that all of your CHD differencing files are invalid. Just delete your "diff" directory contents entirely.

The second impact is that all your existing CHDs will warn you that they have incorrect hashes. This is expected. Your old CHDs should still work fine, so if you can live with the "bad ROM" warnings, you don't really need to do anything. However, if this bugs you or you want to be "clean", you can update your CHDs, using this command line:

chdman -update <chdfile> <newchdfile>

for each one of your CHDs. This will take a while, but will produce CHDs that match the new checksums posted in the drivers.

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Phil Bennett fixed C140 ROM loading in winrun, winrun91 and driveyes.
  • Mirko Buffoni and David Haywood added Champion Italian PK blue board and promoted Champion Italian PK green board (previously citalian) and Champion Italian Cup (previously citaliana) to GAME_WORKING status:
    • Added cpokerpk (also known as CPK blue board for the color of the board).
    • Renamed citalian -> cpokerpkg (green board, can be seen in rom too).
    • Renamed citaliana -> citalcup.
    • Added PAL decryption, making all games playable.
    • Updated input ports and fixed gfx layout to use 6 bitplanes like all others.
    • Changed number10 and cpokerpk video udpate to not use transparency.
  • Aaron Giles updated CHD format to version 4. Checksums are now computed and stored separately for raw data and metadata, and metadata is now checksummed by default.
  • Aaron Giles updated chdman to support a generic metadata addition system:
    • chdman -addmetatext <chdfile> <tag> [<index>] <sourcefile>
    • chdman -addmetabin <chdfile> <tag> [<index>] <sourcefile>
  • Aaron Giles Changed the CHD verify interfaces to pass back a structure containing all the necessary data for verification and fixing.
  • Johnboy, MichaelNet, Guru and Smitdogg provided a NeoGeo update:
    • maglordh - Renamed p1 to correct chip label.
    • Renamed maglordh to maglord (MVS) and maglord to maglordh (AES).
    • whp - Renamed several roms to correct chip label.
    • kof2001 - Renamed p's to correct chip label; added note.
    • Added mv1c bios, redump/reverification required.
    • Updated documentation (see neogeo.c).
    • cyberlip - Added correct m1.
    • eightman - Removed BAD_DUMP from m1, is correct.
  • Angelo Salese merged Casino Winner and Royal Casino drivers:
    • Fixes Royal Casino colors.
    • Added flip screen support to the driver.
    • Changed Casino Winner to be a clone of Royal Casino.
    • Cleaned-up the driver.
  • Xing Xing and David Haywood provided PGM updates:
    • Added kov2p205, martmasc romset.
    • Fixed some descriptions.
    • Experimental video change with a view to fix priorities on kov2.
  • Aaron Giles modified cdrom.c to expose metadata read/write functions, and changed chdman to use them. Also changed chdman to parse old-style metadata and convert it to new-style metadata.
  • XingXing provided preliminary protection simulation in olds100a.
  • Aaron Giles added new function core_fload() to load a file into an allocated buffer. Updated src2html, regrep, and chdman tools to use this function where appropriate.
  • David Haywood added default nvrams to sfbonus.c using rom_load_optional. This should save some time renaming and reparenting these in the future.
  • David Haywood provided minor video/psx.c changes that were needed for raycrisis.
  • Mamesick fixed Heavy Unit main CPU bankswitch. This fixes the enemy appearing in attract mode.
  • Pierpaolo Prazzoli added text tilemap flickering to pzletime. It allows to see the selected options.
  • Aaron Giles changed the CPU cores to use the get_safe_token() pattern like other devices.
  • kanikani provided a System16 update:
    • Enabled some buttons previously marked as 'unused'.
    • Manuals say 'No Connection', but programs read them and do something. i.e. button2 in Tetris: can rotate the piece.
  • Brian Troha added PCB layout for Jumping Break and additional information. Corrected the sound clocks on PCBs that only have a 28MHz OSC. Only Super Lup Lup Puzzle has the 14.318180MHz OSC. Rearranged the rom def section to group the F-E1-16-0xx PCB based games in order.
  • robiza updated troangel: better support of line scroll with wrap. The scroll offsets are split in LOW byte and HIGH byte.
  • R. Belmont added specific support for NEC VR4300/4310 CPUs.
  • Angelo Salese fixed paletteram in Super Crowns Golf. Hooked up text background.
  • David Haywood added default eeprom to skullfng, so that it appears less broken by default. (doesn't boot without one).
  • robiza updated wc90b1 and wc90b2: fixed fg and bg vertical scroll.
  • robiza implemented a multi-sprite bit in toaplan2 driver.
  • David Haywood changed mapping of start key in multfish.c to standard key (1) like other gambling games, added extra set.
  • Aaron Giles fixed bug where chdman -extract would not truncate to the logical size.
  • Angelo Salese silenced out heavy accesses to Sound RAM expansion area for Stress Busters.
  • Yasuhiro Ogawa added better descriptions and dates to a number of drivers in the mamedriv.c file.
  • Phil Bennett added a minor hack to fix start countdown sound bug in the Buggy Boys.
  • David Haywood added idle skipping and a number of new sets to the Naomi driver.
  • Anoid updated Burger Time: Added resistor values measured on real pcb.
  • couriersud adjusted volume in the galaxian driver.
  • couriersud adjusted Volume and removed dc component from sound in the gyruss driver.
  • couriersud provided AY-3-8910 improvements:
    • Fixed Gyruss audio regression.
    • Measured RU and RD on AY-3-8910.
    • Modelled ZX Spectrum audio circuit in SwitcherCAD and derived resistor values for AY-3-8910.
  • R. Belmont updated the MIPS III core: Update RA before executing the delay slot.
  • Robbbert added inputs for galaxia and astrowar. Galaxia is semi-playable. Note: After inserting a coin, it can take a few seconds to respond.
  • Vas Crabb fixed build of ldplayer on OS X. Since the CUSTOM sound module no longer exists, I arbitrarily changed it to WAVE, as ar gets upset if it has no input files. I also removed the -all_load flag for ldplayer from the main makefile as it upsets the linker on OS X.
  • Vas Crabb fixed build for PPC64 Linux. (This slightly messes up static branch prediction hints on OS X and AIX, but OS X for PPC64 is dead, and no-one builds MAME for AIX, and it will still build, anyway.)
  • Vas Crabb paramaterised the arguments to check for NULL in the ATTR_NONNULL macro rather than just checking the first argument. This requires compiler support for C99 variadic macros (MSVC2005 and GCC4 have this AFAIK).
  • Robbbert updated the Z80PIO: When outputting from a port to the hardware in pio mode 3, only those bits defined by the mask should be output. Mame currently outputs everything.
  • Pugsy changed the One-Shot List or Selectable value cheats to display "Set" instead of "Off". Also stopped the cheat options being activated in order when you are going through the possibilities in this case. These cheats are now activated by pressing ENTER after you have chosen an option.

Game Support

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