Release Date

MAME 0.130u3 was released on 9 April 2009.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Derrick Renaud provided a crosshair update:
    • Added Crosshair Options menu:
      • Ability to individually enable/disable crosshairs.
      • Ability for them to automatically disappear after a set amount of time (this is now the default).
      • Ability to select crosshair graphic.
      • All settings are saved in the cfg file.
    • Removed F1 toggle for crosshairs.
    • Added new command option –crsshairpath.
      • Store all selectable graphics here.
      • See config.txt for further info.
  • Aaron Giles merged memory maps, renamed sets in the following drivers: vendetta, videopkr, wrally, vball, unico, tsamuri, triplhnt, toypop, tnzs, topshoot, topspeed, tecmo, tecmo16, tecmosys, terracre, thoop2, tunderx, tiamc1, timelimt, taito_z.
  • ElSemi and Angelo Salese added direct mode JVS command, used by the i/o for the later Naomi games.
  • Hau provided a hyprduel fix.
  • Aaron Giles provided trackfld cleanups:
    • Derived clocks where possible.
    • Complete memory maps from the schematics.
    • Hooked up proper sound command latching.
    • Reimplemented 6802-based ADPCM samples for the bootlegs.
    • Merged memory maps.
    • Extended NVRAM to the full RAM range (according to schematics).
    • Created common include file and modified drivers to use it instead of explicit externs.
  • Aaron Giles removed msb/lsb handlers from taitosnd. Updated all drivers to call the 8-bit versions directly from the address maps.
  • Aaron Giles did bulk replace of AM_READ/WRITE(SMH_NOP) -> AM_READ/WRITENOP.
  • Olivier Galibert reverted recent TMS32025 timing change which busted Cool Pool sound.
  • Uki provided an exctsccr update:
    • Verified clock frequency (including 4KHz NMI).
    • Position 6A is not populated in JAPAN ver.
    • Sound tempo is wrong in all sets (with or without this change).
    • Clock for AY-3-8910 is 14.31818M/8 except for main melody.
  • Fabio Priuli provided taito_l input updates:
    • Added plgirls cheat dip-switch (found by Gatinho).
    • Added plgirls2 coin mode B.
  • Uki redumped GFX ROM of kakumei2.
  • Angel Salese improved the Wave-DMA behaviour in Naomi, added PVR-DMA support.
  • kanikani provided a DIPSW update:
    • Added DIP location to following drivers: djmain.c, fitfight.c, gaiden.c, hornet.c, namcos1.c, namcos86.c, nwk-tr.c, skykid.c, zr107.c.
    • Enabled some DIPSW settings.
  • XingXing provided a PGM update:
    • Added video ram mirroring (fixes a glitch in kovsh).
    • Corrected some set names.
  • Fabio Priuli provided neogeo fixes:
    • Fixed popbounc controls bug (MT 598).
    • Removed use of sprintf.
    • Added a note about service menu browsing when mahjong panel is ON.
  • Fabio Priuli provided Konami inputs improvements:
    • Added source file konamipt.h to unify Konami inputs where possible (e.g. most 80s-90s games were using basically the same coinage settings and joystick inputs).
    • While at it, verified all 0x00 coinage effects in drivers which now use konamipt.h (fixing a few mistakes: hexion, mikie, crimfgtj...).
    • Added finalizb service coin. Removed roadf coin4 & asterix coin3 (neither used by the games nor present in service mode).
    • Fixed gberetb coin inputs (they were switched).
    • Added port_condition to hcrash so that brake appears only when present in the chosen cabinet.
    • Cleaned up mystwarr.c & moo.c input handlers.
    • Verified 0x00 coinage settings in remaining Konami drivers (and two Banpresto ones using same coinage settings).
  • David Haywood simulated 'keyoff' in the SPU. The envelopes aren't actually emulated, but the sound is silenced after a key-off (by placing the sound in a 'release' state) This prevents audible sound from looping forever.
  • Curt Coder made the IDE features table build only when there is a CHD available.
  • Samuele Zannoli added device-based implementations of the eeprom and i2c deevices.
  • Fabio Priuli added diplocations to finalizr.c, gradius3.c, pandoras.c, rollerg.c and ultraman.c based on Guru's notes (thanks to AJG, who forwarded them to him).
  • Uki dumped 1 BPROM of suchipi.
  • Aaron Giles changed Z80 cycle table definitions to be per-device. Removed old set_info constants for the tables; they are now set up via the z80_set_cycle_tables function.
  • robiza updated the m90 driver: reduced volume for all games, removed wrong graphics flag and added no cocktail flag for risky challenge.
  • robiza reduced volume for bombrman, added wrong graphics flag for quizf1.
  • Fabio Priuli removed old hardcoded keyboard handling for Atari 8bit systems and used more reasonable key matrix scan. No regressions expected in MAME (tested maxaflex.c games).
  • David Haywood provided many Naomi tweaks and improvements, plus a number of new sets added but with no credit specified.
  • Mirko Buffoni corrected names for Champion Italian PK boards (thank f205v for spotting this).
  • Aaron Giles provided a Sega System 1/2 rewrite:
    • Accurate collision detection in all games.
    • Correct full memory maps.
    • Hooked up 8255 and Z80 PIO correctly.
    • Unified many hacked variants into common hardware models.
    • Proper mixing using the mixing PROM.
    • Converted to tilemaps.
    • Fixed shtngmst sprites.
    • Correct Z80 timing.
    • Proper sound interrupt signaling and feedback.
    • Full description of video hardware.
    • Proper input hookup in dakkochn.
    • Cleaned up rendering code.
    • Fixed cocktail mode in pretty much all games.
    • Fixed stuck sprites in some games.
    • Partial 8751 simulation for choplift.
    • Proper global muting (attract sound off works in older games).
    • Yes, the Pitfall 2 title is missing; more work to be done.
  • Vas Crabb put tables used for RGB utilities in a single object file rather than compiling them as statics in every object that uses them.
  • Peter Ferrie added small workaround to get Thunder Hoop 2 past the "bad coprocessor" screen, but the game still has issues.
  • Tafoid fixed incorrect DIP location for dealer in epos.c.

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