Release Date

MAME 0.131u3 was released on 28 May 2009.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Atari Ace fixed a bug in the logic for detecting merged roms: it did not check all the rom sources in the parent, leading to cases where roms from devices weren't detected as merged (e.g. ldv1000 in superdqs).
  • Xander added save state to artmagic.c and runaway.c.
  • Irongiant added newly-dumped PROMs to Robocop.
  • Atari Ace added static qualifiers to recently-added code.
  • Luigi30 added missing coin lockout to lottofun.
  • AGEMAME improved lamp output in MPU4.c. Redrawing now only occurs on the peaks of the 50Hz AC Power.
  • Smitdogg updated the megatech.c parts list with info from more carts and fixed some errors in the notes for the rom definitions, and arranged them in correct order.
  • Pugsy added LSHIFT and RSHIFT as alises to << and >> for cheat files.
  • Guru added Guru-readme(TM) for Triforce.
  • Guru added Guru-readme(TM) for Sega model3 and I/O board.
  • Wilbert Pol moved the configuration of m6502-family callbacks to the cpu configuration.
  • David Haywood split Naomi video ram access into 32-bit / 64-bit areas pending more information on how they actually mirror (it's not a straight mirror).
  • Guru redumped the psattack CF card and added ID metadata to create a CHD.
  • R. Belmont provided H8 series MCU updates:
    • Implemented 8-bit timers and free-running counter for H8/3334.
    • Added bld #imm, @Rd instruction.
    • Improvements to interrupts and the serial ports.
  • R. Belmont provided a Namco System 23 update:
    • Changes and documentation added on how the I/O board is hooked up. The H8/3334 based TSS-I/O board sometimes handshakes successfully in Time Crisis 2 now but timing-related problems remain.
  • R. Belmont provided a Namco System Super 22 update:
    • Reimplemented SPOT RAM - Tokyo Wars relied on some details not previously seen.
    • Fixed uninitialized RAM area that caused random sprite colors since 0.120 (thanks to Phil Bennett for debugging the problem).
    • Updated Guru Readme(tm).
  • stephh fixed Aliens P2 inputs.
  • Tafoid provided a Gladiator coinage fix.
  • Angelo Salese fixed regressed sound in wc90b.c. Also fixed nested NMIs, improving msm sound, and converted memory maps to current standards.
  • Brian Troha and Roman Scherzer corrected the 202 entry in the LFO Frequency Table (and comments for it) for the YMF271 based on a formula by Olivier Galibert.
  • Brian Troha added PCB rom locations to Dog Fight (Thunderbolt) romdef as well as the bprom type.
  • Angelo Salese added basic MSM support for Super Crowns Golf, and fixed NMI generation. Also found & hooked up the flip screen bit, and cleaned up the memory maps.
  • Angelo Salese hooked up sprite buffering in the Jaleco Mega System 1 driver.
  • Angelo Salese fixed ADPCM stop flag in Jantotsu, and cleaned up some routines in the driver. Added an heuristic table for the msm samples. Fixed MSM frequency.
  • Angelo Salese fixed some dip-switches quirks in the Mexico 86 driver and enabled the single board 4 players mode.
  • Wilbert Pol improved timing of communication between the main and sound cpus in the megadriv driver.
  • Angelo Salese fixed flickering in Super Shanghai Dragon's Eye on girl presentation screens. Split memory maps for the different sshangha version, and fixed sound in the parent set.
  • Nicola Salmoria fixed sqix/sqixa bootleg MCU bad dump by comparison with the original.
  • Angelo Salese fixed coin lockout in Tetris (Arkanoid HW) and removed the GAME_WRONG_COLORS flag since the colors are correct.
  • Angelo Salese fixed background colors in Tryout and cleaned-up the NMI firings on coin insertion.
  • Angelo Salese fixed foreground color offsets in Tryout, game colors should now be 100% accurate. Also fixed flip X on the sprites, fixed scrolling issues, and added screen disable flag.
  • Oliver Stoeneberg disabled unused variables in the project that were only assigned to but never used.
  • Mike Green removed the pulse input on the touchscreen for the touchmaster drivers, making centipede returns (tm4k), breakout3k (tm3k), wordsearch (tm8k) and possibly other games playable do to the need for "dragging" the screen. An example of this is the word search game where it is necessary to drag from the start letter to the end to highlight the selection, which is not possible with a pulse input.
  • Angelo Salese hand-tuned bgm OKI sound chip frequency in mirage.c.
  • Guru added readmes to Jail Break, Ninja Warriors, Operation Wolf and Rainbow Islands.
  • Angelo Salese fixed sound banking and priorities in Mirage Youjuu Mahjongden.
  • Angelo Salese decoded color proms and fixed bitplanes in Mirax.
  • Aaron Giles, since CPUs actually take some time to reset, changed the 68000/68010 to eat an appropriate number of cycles after a reset.
  • Aaron Giles and Dr. Decapitator provided Sega System 16A changes:
    • Added MCU dumps to quart21 and bodyslam.
    • Hooked up MCU in these games.
    • Marked games using simulated MCU as "unemulated protection" as the MCUs clearly do more than what we are simulating.
  • MooglyGuy eliminated SMH_* usage in all memory maps in drivers beginning with A and B.
  • Aaron Giles converted the Namco 50xx, 51xx, 52xx, 53xx, 54xx, and 06xx into proper devices.
  • Aaron Giles added DERIVED_CLOCK() macro which can be used by sub-devices to derive their clock from the parent device.
  • Aaron Giles tweaked some of the laserdisc interfaces to use ROM_NAME() and MACHINE_DRIVER_NAME() macros.
  • Aaron Giles changed the Namco 52xx and 53xx devices to run the actual MCU instead of simulating the behavior. Hooked them up properly in bosco, digdug and polepos.
  • Angelo Salese guessed ADPCM PAL shuffling in Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai Special, it sounds better but I'm not sure if it's 100% accurate (I need a side-by-side test).
  • Aaron Giles added mirrors to Pole Position memory maps.
  • kanikani provided DIP switch changes:
    • Added DIPLOCATION to scontra and thunderx.
    • Added some DEF_STRs (Difficult, Very Difficult, etc.) and modified drivers using them.
  • Aaron Giles added internal memory maps and internal clock divider to the MB88xx CPUs. Removed now-redundant memory maps from drivers and removed explicitly-specified clock dividers.
  • Fabio Priuli continued changing CPU references from numbers to tags in drivers.
  • smf did preliminary work on beatmania iidx, still lots to do.
  • Aaron Giles provided several MB88xx changes/fixes:
    • Internal timer support now works; prescaler is guessed based on Pole Position sample playback frequency.
    • External counter support works.
    • A basic mechanism for reading serial input has been added; it is not sufficient for a full implementation, but good enough to sample the SI pin at startup.
    • Fixed TSTS/TSTV to clear their respective flags.
    • Fixed CI and CYI to compute imm-reg instead of reg-imm.
    • Added masking of the PA register upon RTI/RTS to prevent bogus PC values.
  • Krick added support for parsing horizont.ini or vertical.ini based on the game's orientation.
  • David Haywood made a pass at shuffling/improving the system 16 and 18 bootlegs. Some games are probably more broken now, but they are better structured for future improvements.
  • Oliver Stoeneberg fixed a few potential memory leaks detected by cppcheck and also added an errormessage to verinfo.
  • Guru added Guru-readme(TM) for TWINKLE hardware.

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