Release Date

MAME 0.132u4 was released on 9 July 2009.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Angelo Salese removed a kludge from Sengoku Mahjong sound comms.
  • David Haywood provide a K053936 cleanup and some improvements for Racin' Force.
  • Angelo Salese added very basic SCC68070 implementation, currently is just a basic m68k with 32-bits of address lines. The plan is to add the on-chip peripherals on the magicard.c driver then, when I get some consistency, hardwire it to the cpu core.
  • Mariusz Wojcieszek provided a better fix for Amiga AGA ddf_stop_pixel, to avoid breaking Amiga 1200 startup screen.
  • Team Japump confirmed Last Duel sets and changed to use genuine GFX ROMs.
  • Phil Bennett marked vf3tb CROM0 ROMs as BAD_DUMP (they should be 4MB). Updated game status notes.
  • Angelo Salese updated thte SCC68070 core: hooked up basic registers in the memory map.
  • David Haywood, Guru and Brian Troha provided an update to the lastduel.c driver:
    • Better rom load / decode for Last Duel sets.
    • Readme / PCB layout.
    • Corrected rom labels and added PCB locations to Mad Gear / LED Storm sets.
  • R. Belmont updated the model3 driver: masked CROM bank, fixes missing gfx in several games.
  • Brian Troha added DIP port locations to Last Duel & Mad Gear sets.
  • Guru added redumped vf3tb ROMs.
  • David Haywood and Angelo Salese provided Tokimeki Mahjong Paradise driver improvements:
    • Split tmmjprd / tmpdoki from rabbit.c as it uses the graphic chip in a very different way, and having them together was making it more difficult to make progress on.
    • Changed them to use custom rendering code instead of tilemaps, as they can address tile data at a sub-tile level, this fixes the girls in the intro.
    • Added inputs.
    • Added some notes about a hang, and possible reason.
    • Marked the graphic roms of tmpdoki as BAD as it appears to be using tiles which are not present in the tmmjprd roms for the title screen.
  • R. Belmont updated the ARM (26-bit) core: TST/TEQ should only update flags. This eliminates the need for patches in poizone/ertictac, all deco32 games still run (including hvysmsh), and it better matches the documentation.
  • Brian Troha updated the Led Storm Rally 2011 set with the new roms as per the Guru's info. Marked this game as GAME_IPERFECT_GRAPHICS due to the bad sprite etc.
  • Brian Troha documented the Pacman on Tecmo World Cup '90 hardware. Listed the roms plus CRC32 / SHA1 in the comment section to prevent it from turning up as a newly "found" game and to show users MAME is aware of its existence.
  • R. Belmont added gun I/O board to Teraburst and hooked up 68k/PPC comms. Not sure how the guns are read yet but this fixes the CALL ATTENDENT immediate death and the game runs fine now.
  • Aaron Giles provided changes to support address maps for arbitrary devices:
    • Moved address_map array from cpu_config to device_config. Added MDRV macros in the device for specifying address maps. Changed the memory system to fetch the maps from the new location.
    • Moved the address-space related get_info constants to devintrf (including endianness). Removed space array from the CPU class header. Made the memory system much more device-neutral. Various other cleanups along the way.
    • Expanded address maps from 3 to 4. Moved ADDRESS_SPACE_PROGRAM/DATA/IO constants to cpuintrf, as those names are really only applicable to CPUs. Added new ADDRESS_MAP_0/1/2/3 constants to identify address maps more generically.
    • Updated memory system to be more general about address map handling. Added the concept of default address maps (in addition to the already existing internal memory maps). The difference between internal and default memory maps is that internal memory maps always override everything (including user-specified maps), but default memory maps simply provide a default that can be overridden.
    • Converted the okim6295 sound driver to use address maps for access. By default, it defines a ROM address map that overlays its full region. As a result, the validity checks require all okim6295 regions to be at least 256k, unless you provide your own address map. Updated all regions to meet this requirement.
    • Updated the atarijsa code to use a custom address space for its okim6295 accesses (which are banked on the first half and static on the second half), as an example of configuring a device with a custom address space.
    • For now, attempts to use okim6295_set_bank_base() will still work, though banking for the okim chips should be moved to custom address maps in the drivers eventually. The first time okim6295_set_bank_base() is called, it will install a banked memory handler over the region and use memory_set_bankptr() to change the base on subsequent bank switches.
    • Moved address map validity checks to be run for each device instead of just each CPU.
  • Aaron Giles removed PREDECODE_GFX compile flag, as the on-the-fly decoding seems to be working reliably. Deprecated the ROMREGION_DISPOSE flag, as 98% of the use of it no longer is applicable with on-the-fly decoding, and the remaining cases are difficult to identify among the others.
  • Kevin Eshbach provided documentation updates:
    • For Super Basketball adds the rom locations for those that were missing before and adds the jumper settings.
    • Documents the SEGA cpu part number for Future Spy and Super Zaxxon
  • Hau updated safarir: fixed colors and filenames, and added samples.
  • Lord Nightmare updated Deniam driver YM3812 clocks to match recording.
  • Fabio Priuli added comment about galaga.c bootlegs using 06XX emulation.
  • David Haywood improved Jockey Club 2 driver organization:
    • Added different machine drivers for the different sets.
    • Added an st0016 to the 'older hardware' machine driver, that's what the 'z80' rom on it is for (see st0016.c). The newer hardware and bootleg don't use it.
    • Still waiting for proper gfx dumps.

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