Release Date

MAME 0.135u1 was released on 19 November 2009.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Lord Nightmare fixed parent relationship between sbrkout3 and sbrkout.
  • Harmony removed some magic numbers from machine/psx.c, replaced with defines.
  • Lord Nightmare added a change to consistently use Intel notation for hex values in TMS32010 disassembler, rather than a mix of Motorola and Intel notation.
  • Dirk Best updated the Z80 core. Check for NOP in interrupt mode 0. This allows code like ei / halt / di to work correctly. A better solution would be to implement full support for arbitrary opcodes in mode 0.
  • Luca Elia updated igs017.c:
    • Merged in some IGS031 based games (igs_m68.c, tarzan.c).
    • Implemented tiles flip x and video disable.
    • Added hopper simulation to mgcs.
    • Decrypted mgdh.
  • iq_132 almost completed decryption of starzan and tarzana.
  • David Haywood documented presence of Namco customs on the Pole Position bootleg (Top Racer) sets. Removed Namco devices from bootlegs which don't have them.
  • Lord Nightmare and plgDavid (David Viens) updated SN76489/A to have correct PRNG waveforms (a 0 bit was missing at the beginning, and beginning of SN76489 waveform was all 1s instead of 0s as measured on hardware). Added SN94624 (same as SN76489).
  • Luca Elia added a IGS blitter based games update.
    • Renamed driver to igs011.c and cleaned it up.
    • Renamed some sets according to chinese title.
    • Implemented hopper in lhb, lhb2, wlcc.
    • Decrypted ryukobou.
  • Barry Rodewald contributed i386 core fixes.
    • Added Nested Task flag, and I/O Privilege flags. They aren't implemented in any way, but can now be set or reset. Can be used to detect a 80386 or later CPU.
    • Implemented ENTER instruction.
    • Made IRQ vectors treated as 8 bytes when in protected mode, and made the addresses pushed onto the stack 32-bit if the gate descriptor used is a 386 interrupt or trap gate (also when in protected mode, will always be 16-bit if in real mode).
  • M.A.S.H. and Tafoid added fixes to default mapping as well as comment/information fixes for Mole Attack.
  • David Haywood improved Super Nova sprite shrinking, used by Gals Panic S2 and Sengeki Striker.
  • Luca Elia added emulation of background graphics (blitter), sound and inputs to skimaxx.c.
  • Curt Coder refactored Z80, i8237, and i8257 DMA to use devcb.
  • Angelo Salese fixed RGB555 palette RAM format in Soccer Superstars.
  • Curt Coder allowed child CPUs to be used in read8/write8 callbacks.
  • David Haywood updated the Jaleco Mega System 32 driver.
    • Added correct RAM sizes as per Charles McDonald's notes.
    • Implemented priority in the same manner as tetrisp2.
    • Added shadows via custom mixing (gametngk and tetrisp / tp2m32 are much improved).
    • Added the alt tilemap layout used by f1superb for the backgrounds.
    • Added f1superb notes and IRQ generation code from nuapete.
  • luigi30 added Tournament Solitaire (pcat_dyn) improvements.
    • Added newer version of toursol, renamed existing to toursol1 and the new one is now toursol.
    • Set toursol date to 1995.
    • Set toursol CPU speed to 40MHz.
  • David Haywood and Angelo Salese added many improvements to konamigx rendering, specifically improving Soccer Superstars and Rushing Hero.
  • Angelo Salese implemented input buffer copy protection in Rushing Heroes, game is now somewhat playable with heavy gfx glitches.
  • Angelo Salese fixed Konami GX type 4 protection seed $d15, used to protect a sprite bank in Run & Gun 2 / Slam Dunk 2.
  • angrylion added missing BLTZAL opcode to the RSP core.
  • Tafoid added a control fix for Strike Gunner S.T.G. to allow a 3rd button mapping for each player - thus allowing for the feature of merging ships in 2 player games.
  • Lord Nightmare marked cosmic alien colors as wrong, added TODO to the driver for fixing colors. Added new XTAL value for cosmic alien and switched driver to use it.
  • [Brian Troha]] restored Final Gorodi and Wyvern Wings to working.
  • Angelo Salese fixed gfx decoding and hooked up mc6845 in the Forte Card driver.
  • Angelo Salese removed dual layout, added Map base video register and fixed transparent issues in the Jackpot Cards driver.
  • R. Belmont added a MC680x0 update.
    • Reworked PMMU/core interface so PMMU now sees all cop 0 instructions.
    • Improved disassembly of PMMU instructions.
    • Preliminary 68LC040 support.
    • Fixed disassembly for EC/LC variants of '030/'040.
  • Angelo Salese patched NVRAM check in Jackpot Cards, makes the game playable but you cannot save settings so it's not yet working.
  • Lord Nightmare trashed the old pre-accurate-clocking STEP based sample averaging scheme from sn76489 and friends, vastly simplifying the code. Made the output bipolar rather than only above the 0 line. Added missing statement to the get_safe_token function for the recently added SN94624.
  • David Haywood cleaned up toaplan2 V25 support, enabled Batsugun V25 and added decryption table info for the other games.
  • Angelo Salese improved the V25S memory map in Batsugun, now CPUs starts to communicate properly, needs to find & implement the irq that clears the RAM flag and decrypt the relative opcodes in that.
  • Mariusz Wojcieszek contributed more Greyhound improvements.
    • Added dip switches for Super Poker.
    • Improved inputs in Sports Authority.
  • Aaron Giles expanded some sound chip tags to specifically indicate they are sound chips (generally, "ay" becomes "aysnd", "fm" becomes "fmsnd", etc).
  • Aaron Giles added MIPS3 TLB fixes.
    • Now properly generating TLB fill exceptions under correct circumstances.
    • TLB exceptions no longer trash low 4 bits of Context.
    • Exceptions with the EXL bit set always go to vector 0x180.
    • Fixed bug in vtlb code that caused us to lose track of previously registered fixed page ranges.
    • Fixed MIPS3 behavior that would not clear out invalid page ranges from the VTLB under certain circumstances.
    • Added support for TLB sizes less than 48 entries.
    • Fixed TLBMOD exceptions so they also properly set BadVAddr.
  • Lord Nightmare added NCR7496 variant to sn76496.c. Updated comments to show which chips are currently verified. Cleaned up comments.
  • Harmony fixed the 64-bit crashing issues in N64.
  • Oliver Stoeneberg fixed out-of-bounds array accesses in the peplus and videopkr drivers.
  • Aaron Giles fix PowerPC 603 translation so it doesn't get stuck in an infinite loop after the first fixup.
  • Fabio Priuli added driver data struct and save state support to pandoras.c, marineb.c, m10.c, m14.c, m52.c, m57.c, m58.c, m62.c, m63.c, travrusa.c, adp.c, n8080.c, atarifb.c, astinvad.c, avalnche.c, battlex.c, carjmbre.c, popper.c, spaceg.c, bankp.c, battlane.c, blockade.c, blueprnt.c, brkthru.c bsktball.c, hexa.c.
  • Fabio Priuli added driver data struct to espial.c, zodiack.c, 4enraya.c, 1942.c, 1943.c, ace.c, albazc.c, arabian.c, aeroboto.c, astrof.c, ambush.c, angelkds.c, arkanoid.c.
  • Phil Bennett replaced model3.c fatalerror() calls with development-friendly logerror() calls. Also allows dayto2pe to boot again.
  • Angelo Salese improved the Samurai Shodown 64 2 i/o simulation comms, now inputs work and enters into proper gameplay.
  • Fabio Priuli merged some include files and merged audio/fghtbskt.c in drivers/m63.c.
  • Lord Nightmare and Justin Kerk Got rid of SN76496's R->OldNoise since it causes problems for gamegear/sms. Changed noise taps accordingly. Redid change to gamegear/sms for XOR vs XNOR, now verified by Justin Kerk. Verified gamegear noise taps thanks to sample provided by Justin Kerk. Add stereo sound support to sn76496.c for gamegear.
  • Fabio Priuli added a MDRV_EEPROM_NODEFAULT_ADD macro for drivers which do not need default data size / data.
  • Fabio Priuli updated 20pacgal to use EEPROM device. Proper save state support still needs some work (to handle the rom banking mechanism).
  • Fabio Priuli added PORT_CUSTOM(eepromdev_bit_r) for EEPROM devices.
  • Fabio Priuli fixed wrong order parameters in memset (spotted by Beledgol).
  • Corrado Tomaselli verified/changed clocks and vsyncs on the following games: Aerofighters (only vsync), Power Spikes, Turbo Force (only vsync), Guzzler/Swimmer (same pcb), Exerion and Karate Champs Vs.
  • Angelo Salese updated the HNG64 driver: rewrote the MCU simulations, basically to be more clean than before.
  • Angelo Salese improved MCU simulation and added inputs in Beast Busters 2nd Nightmare, it can now reach gameplay mode too.
  • Angelo Salese removed Program Counter-based routines in Samurai Shodown 64 1/2, this fixes the first episode that can now be coined up, however it hangs soon after that.
  • Jim Stolis renamed drw80pkr to drw80pk2. Appears to be later version and MN jurisdiction specific.
  • Jim Stolis added various graphics improvements and corrected colors to drw80pkr. Game boots much farther and cleaner. Additional graphics/memory cleanup and preliminary input support.
  • Angelo Salese added a work-around to get to the character screen in Samurai Shodown 64, hangs again after it.
  • Fabio Priuli added driver_data struct to appoooh.c and boxer.c. Also merged boxer video emulation into drivers/boxer.c.
  • David Haywood added dual screen output to the Konami GX Type 3/4 games.

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