Release Date

MAME 0.137u3 was released on 21 April 2010.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Angelo Salese fixed a bug with un-inited DMA regs in the SNES driver, fixes at least a long-standing bug with nss_ssoc dimmed team selection screen.
  • stephh dixed Dip Switches and Inputs (after verification of the Z80 code) for sauro, trckydoc, trckydoca (sauro.c).
  • Alex Jackson updated ppu2c0x.c: Removed the bogus "color remap tables" in favor of external palettes containing data reverse-engineered (several years ago) from original hardware. Each vsnes set, as well as the playch10 bios, now requires one of these palettes.
  • Alex Jackson provided vsnes.c improvements:
    • Moved RC2C05 PPU-based protection into the PPU itself, rather than hacking it in at the driver level.
    • After exhaustive testing, completely sorted out the "palette" dipswitches (which are actually PPU type selection) on all games that have them. Added notes about these games in the comments.
    • Removed GAME_IMPERFECT_COLORS and GAME_WRONG_COLORS from all games, as they should all be 100% correct now.
    • Fixed coin inputs in tkoboxng. Removed IMPERFECT_GRAPHICS flag since there's no legitimate reason I can see for it. Also, fixed manufacturer and description to match the title screen.
    • Added a bit more information about the missing sets in the comments.
  • Lord Nightmare converted Atari System 1 to use the 'new' TMS5220 interface.
  • Lord Nightmare switched Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters to use the new TMS5220 interface.
  • Fabio Priuli updated snes.c: Fixed clipmasks in hires modes
  • Angelo Salese fixed RTL opcode in-bank issue in the G65816 CPU core.
  • Oliver Stoeneberg updated sm8500d.c: Fixed disassembly of extended instructions (1A, 1B, 4F).

  • Oliver Stoeneberg updated lr35902.c: Fixed possible issue when checking for enabled irqs.
  • Barry Rodewald updated rf5c68.c: corrected the point at which the sample callbacks are triggered, and what channel is returned. The interrupts are masked or enabled based on what PCM memory bank is used, rather than the physical channel that was used.
  • Lord Nightmare converted Atari System 2 to use the 'new' TMS5220 interface. Switched TMS5220 type to 5220C. Further refining of the Atari JSA speech and audio modifications. Hooked up the reset line for the ym2151.
  • Fabio Priuli updated inptport.c: fixed keyboard detection (mainly for MESS).
  • David Haywood hooked up correct proms, corrected gfx rom order and added bank select / enabled for the reels in Treasure Island (Subsino).
  • Lord Nightmare updated Star Wars to use proper clocks for the tms5220 and the pokeys.
  • Lord Nightmare provided a MASSIVE merge of TMS5110 and TMS5220 cores, TMS5220 side only so far. Much code by Jarek Burczynski merged. Lattice Filter, Multiplier, and clipping redone. TMS5220C multi-rate feature added. Now using the same LPC table file (and format, as created by couriersud) as the TMS51xx is. Unvoiced-Voiced transitioning adjusted to match patent. Command handling redone to better match patent. Reasonably significant speech quality improvements: Separate tables for TMS5200, TMS5220 and TMS5220C are implemented, though all still need to be verified from hardware. Fixes: Garbled speech in Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monster's Canal Mazes is fixed, as well as some other garbled speech in game (when saying 'throwing switch' for instance). Known Regressions (being worked on): Victory fails its startup self test with an error 5, but speech works in-game.
  • Lord Nightmare fixed victory self-test issue (FIFO must NOT be cleared on processing of a STOP frame, only on a new speak external command. victory is pedantic about this.), and in the process also fixed a bug regarding reading /READY state when not in speak external mode (the FIFO being full should NOT force /READY inactive in that case!).
  • Angelo Salese fixed Wai Wai Jockey Gate-In title screen colors.
  • stephh fixed Dip Switches and Inputs (after verification of the M68000 code) for mk3ghw (aladbl.c driver + megadriv.c).
  • stephh updated ssgbl (ssgbl.c driver + megadriv.c):
    • Fixed stack vector so coins are now correctly handled (the game shall be fully playable now).
    • Fixed Dip Switches and Inputs (after verification of the M68000 code).
  • Phil Bennett updated the 6840PTM: Fixed interrupt flag behaviour and now allow fractional input clocks.
  • Phil Bennett updated the 6850ACIA: Improved handling of /CTS signal and fixed issue with transmission parity generation.
  • Phil Bennett and David Haywood provided MPU4+Video updates:
    • Fixed serial comms. As a result, most games actually boot now.
    • Fixed colours.
    • Fixed SAA1099 sound.
    • Added Characteriser tables for all games (a complete implementation is still needed for most games).
  • David Haywood supported the 1555 fb format in the Naomi driver, needed by Cleopatra Fortune Plus.
  • stephh fixed Dip Switches and Inputs (after verification of the M68000 code) for vmetal, vmetaln (vmetal.c driver).
  • Lord Nightmare fixed 5220C pitch table so unvoiced speech actually works. Oops. Should be a further quality improvement.
  • Curt Coder provided F8 cpu disassembler improvements:
    • Fixed branch target PC.
    • Added BP,BC,BZ,BR,BM,BNC,BNZ,BNO mnemonics.
    • Removed extraneous $ from 2 byte hex values.
  • Angelo Salese implemented various PVR TA registers hook-ups in the Naomi driver.
  • Phil Bennett updated mpu4drvr.c: Fixed 68000 device resets.
  • Angelo Salese updated the Naomi driver: Implemented more regs, test mode now properly sets 640x240 resolution. Implemented fb pixel double, Naomi test mode looks now correct.
  • Barry Rodewald updated i386dasm.c: Corrected display of debug registers (D0-D7) in disassembly listings
  • Alex Jackson updated video/nemesis.c: Removed palette gamma hack.
  • Roberto Fresca provided Subsino driver improvements:
    • Added another Treasure Island set.
    • Added technical notes about the CPU box.
    • Minor clean-ups.
  • Roberto Fresca and Aleksandar Spasojevic added full schematics made from the real PCB connections. They include Hex D-type flip-flops, Bipolar PROM, 3-STATE Octal D-Type latches and resnet connections.
  • Lord Nightmare partly implemented 'stereo' gating (using ym2151 ctX lines) to POKEY and TMS5220 on Atari JSA-i sound board. (currently it is just 'mono' gating). Add TODOs for complete stereo gating and for the low-pass filter.
  • Roberto Fresca provided improvements to Funworld driver:
    • Replaced the Fun World Quiz bad ROMs with good ones.
    • Fixed the Fun World Quiz graphics and colors.
    • Cleaned-up the flags for non working games.
    • Modified the default lamps layout to include the bet lamp.
    • Cleaned-up the Fun World Quiz inputs.
    • Added 4 new Royal Card sets. Reworked parent/clone relationship. (delete the old .cfg and .nv files to have them working properly).
    • Splitted the Royal Card machine driver. This is needed to access different halves of the bipolar PROM.
    • Now principal Royal Card sets have a working bet button.
    • Added default NVRAM to the new sets.
  • Angelo Salese implemented 15/31 kHz selector in the Naomi driver, makes Strike Fighter and Shootout Pool Prize to be bootable by the common user.
  • Lord Nightmare cleaned up interpolation inhibit logic, may sound slightly better now. Minor fix to TMS5220C table so zero-energy frames are correctly detected.
  • Fabio Priuli added driver data class and save states to playmark.c, powerbal.c, pushman.c and pzletime.c
  • Roberto Fresca provided improvements to Shark Party (English, Alpha license):
    • Created complete inputs from the scratch.
    • Added coin/keyin/keyout counters.
    • Added main game and double-up rates DIP switches.
    • Added minimum bet DIP switches.
    • Added maximum bet DIP switches.
    • Added complete coinage and remote credits DIP switches.
    • Added jokers and demo sounds DIP switches.
    • Figured out and documented all the game outputs.
    • Created proper button-lamps layout.
    • Now the game is in full-working state.
  • Angelo Salese added a RAM mirror that fixes The Typing of the Dead booting.

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