Release Date

MAME 0.138u1 was released on 26 May 2010.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Alex Jackson removed all references to the nonexistent "premov" instruction from the NEC-V core.
  • Oliver Stoneberg corrected stack walk by using UNICODE_POSTFIX. Fixed some incorrect function declarations in winmain.c.
  • Alex Jackson updated the cps2 driver: Made ssf2t a parent set.
  • Brian Troha updated astrocorp.c: Added PCB layout for Astro M1.1 & M1.2 PCBs.
  • Angelo Salese documented an energy bar debug switch in aladbl, disabled by default.
  • Angelo Salese fixed crashes when you fall into pitfalls in aladbl.
  • Couriersud improved Z180 timer and HALT processing. This fixes MT03852.
  • hap updated the Konami devices: Fixed sprite Z code rejection regression.
  • Angelo Salese provided basic hook-ups of the Nintendo Super System BIOS.
  • Bryan Ischo updated the namcos2 driver: Optimized pixmap rotation, improving performance of Assault and other games that use it.
  • Guru updated tecmo.c: Included Rygar PCB documentation.
  • Angelo Salese documented and worked around a long standing level 3 protection fault in Pop Flamer.
  • Angelo Salese rewrote palette initialization in Naughty Boy HW by using the RESNET.
  • Couriersud rewrote Z180 cycle accounting to create a basis for more exact internal I/O and timer operations as well as implementing interrupt priorities. Removed unused BIG_SWITCH code as well.
  • James Wallace provided MPU4 Updates:
    • Added trackball support.
    • Fixed quiz game controls.
    • Restructured AWP games' characteriser handling.
  • iq132 added photo y2k2 decryption table.
  • Couriersud improved Z180 interrupt and timer handling. Added some missing save state entries and fixed HALT.
  • Couriersud rewrote rom/ram banking. 20pacgal now supports save state.
  • Tafoid added DIP LOCATIONS to Pengo, Jr. Pac-Man and clones.
  • hap updated zaccaria.c: Improved sprite drawing, added DIP locations.
  • David Haywood modified the naomi clipping a bit to avoid so many black lines at the bottom.
  • Angelo Salese added new Super 3D Golf Simulation - Waialae No Kiseki / Super Mahjong 2 (Super Famicom Box).
  • Angelo Salese removed Groove on Fight boot hack, not anymore needed.
  • Couriersud added lfsr-driven starfield to 20pacgal. The general principle is understood now but star set selection and the star drawing condition are guesses.
  • Couriersud moved global and static variables in driver galaga into a machine class. Renamed some variables, e.g. galaga_videoram and bosco_videoram to just videoram.
  • Corrado Tomaselli reverified TMS5200 clock and measured Vsync clocks from Zaccaria Hardware.
  • Angelo Salese added debug_global_input_code_pressed_once() function to input.c
  • Couriersud added a readyq callback to the TMS5220 interface. This is needed to solve MT #3832. In zaccaria games, the intq and readyq are connected to pia 6821 lines ca2 and cb1 which are edge driven. Just reading readyq would miss to detect a state change if between reads readyq went 0-1-0. Updated zaccaria.c and looping.c. Fixes MT #3832.
  • David Haywood reworked rendering in toaplan2 to render tilemaps / sprites in a single pass, should be more accurate to hardware. Note, this further breaks the mixing in Batsugun and Dogyuun because the previous hacks can no longer work with the new rendering code. These games have been demoted to NOT_WORKING status until a better solution is found; they never worked properly anyway due to the extent of the video hacks needed to support them.
  • hap updated documentation: Cleaned up company names.
  • robiza updated toaplan2: fixed sprite-sprite priorities in batsugun and dogyuun.
  • Angelo Salese added bare-bones work around for the Network board in Super GT 24h and Over Rev, they now enter into attract mode.
  • R. Belmont and [Wingman]] fixed compilation of SDL port for GTK+ 2.20 and later.

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