Release Date

MAME 0.142u3 was released on 8 May 2011.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Angelo Salese removed deprecat.h dependancy and updated irqs accordingly from the following drivers: 8080bw.c airbustr.c albazg.c argus.c aristmk4.c armedf.c atarifb.c avalnche.c battlex.c bigevglf.c bionicc.c bionicc.c bishi.c bladestl.c blockout.c blueprnt.c bmcbowl.c bogeyman.c bottom9.c bsktball.c bublbobl.c buggychl.c bwing.c changela.c chqflag.c circus.c cischeat.c cloak.c commando.c cosmic.c cshooter.c darkmist.c dbz.c deadang.c destroyr.c discoboy.c djmain.c docastle.c dogfgt.c dogfgt.c dooyong.c dorachan.c dragrace.c enigma2.c equites.c esd16.c espial.c exedexes.c exidy.c expro02.c fastfred.c finalizr.c firetrap.c flower.c flstory.c gberet.c gng.c goindol.c gsword.c gunsmoke.c itech32.c jack.c jack.c kyugo.c ladyfrog.c liberatr.c m72.c matmania.c megaplay.c meijinsn.c metlclsh.c mirax.c mjsister.c mlanding.c mouser.c namcos2.c namcos21.c naughtyb.c nbmj8688.c nbmj8891.c nova2001.c overdriv.c pacman.c paradise.c photon2.c polepos.c popper.c retofinv.c rollrace.c route16.c sbugger.c segag80r.c segas18.c seta.c shisen.c slapfght.c snk6502.c solomon.c sonson.c speedbal.c srmp2.c srmp2.c srumbler.c sstrangr.c strnskil.c suna8.c suprloco.c tagteam.c taito_l.c tomcat.c tsamurai.c tunhunt.c vastar.c vigilant.c vulgus.c wecleman.c wheelfir.c wiz.c xxmissio.c zn.c zodiack.c
  • Angelo Salese removed sound hacks in Evil Stone, fixing sound drop if you die at level 1 boss.
  • Sandro Ronco updated intelfsh.c: Added support for Fujitsu 29DL16X.
  • Miodrag Milanovic fixed i86/i386 POP SP and POP ESP thanks to bug report for Xenix boot by bs666.
  • Aaron Giles collapsed device_config and device_t into one class. Updated all existing modern devices and the legacy wrappers to work in this environment. This in general greatly simplifies writing a modern device.
  • R. Belmont updated psx.c: adjusted MDEC timing to avoid lockups. Most FMVs now have fluent video.
  • Curt Coder fixed reset register bit masks in RP5C01 and RP5C15.
  • f205v provided a Naomi / Triforce / Chihiro documentation update.
  • Angelo Salese fixed protection read-back registers 0x07 and 0x0e / 0x0f in k051733 math chip, finally fixing gameplay issues in Chequered Flag.
  • Guru updated the konamigv driver: Documentation updates.
  • R. Belmont updated diimage.c: fixed uninitialized variables found by Valgrind.
  • R. Belmont updated mc146818: Fixed uninitialized variable found by Valgrind.
  • Angelo Salese fixed inputs and removed digital hacks in Cisco Heat driver.
  • Angelo Salese removed cheesy hack to F1 GP Star 2 irq communications.
  • R. Belmont fixed second adpcm player in games using SEIBU_ADPCM.
  • Angelo Salese made k051733 RNG to behave like an adder, improves pseudo-random events in Fast Lane.
  • Angelo Salese did a tentative experiment for Hot Chase gameplay speed ... still not perfect though (especially noticeable with sound).
  • Aaron Giles reimplemented devcb using delegates and classes. Unified the logic for identifying targets and simplified the code.
  • David Haywood started unifying sprite implementations for setax001/x002 chips.
  • O. Galibert updated drcbex64: Fixed op_debug implementation.
  • O. Galibert updated naomi: Added jvs command 0x32, fixes Crazy Taxi and Virtua Tennis 2 booting.
  • Joe Caporale added input button labels for Midway T-Unit driver.
  • Angelo Salese de-stateized the NB1414M4 routines, and converted the correlated Armed F text tilemap to be 8-bits.
  • Angelo Salese hooked up NB1414M4 to Ninja Emaki, greatly improving gfxs in it.
  • Angelo Salese implemented serial type scrolling for Youma Ninpou Chou bootlegs.
  • Miodrag Milanovic added support for dynamic devices added to the core:
    • Added slot and slot card interfaces.
    • Added SLOT_INTERFACE macros in order to simplify device adding.
    • Added new menu option "Slot Devices" and support to change device in runtime.
    • Updated emuopts to support command setting of slot cards.
  • Miodrag Milanovic updated clifront and added listslots option to display available slots and device options for each one.
  • J Wallace added mpu4.c: Started adding support for the Crystal Gaming program card, and the link keys for setting parameters.
  • J Wallace updated 6840ptm.c: Fixed mode check in set_gate().
  • Fabio Priuli updated srcclean.c: srcclean should remove invalid chars only for source files which are not xml (softlists have UTF-8 characters).
  • Angelo Salese hooked up proper sound program in Combat School bootleg.
  • smf converted PlayStation DMA to an internal device to the CPU core. DMA to external devices can be set in the machine config, the old calls are still there until the rest of the code is converted.
  • Curt Coder added support for default NVRAM in MCCS1850.
  • Alex Jackson provided various Irem M92 / M107 fixes:
    • Hooked up sound CPU interrupts properly, using the V35 built-in interrupt controller, rather than generating the vectors in the driver.
    • Cleaned up ROM mirroring, using AM_REGION macros in the address maps instead of memcpy()ing all over the place in the DRIVER_INITs.
    • Converted bankswitching to use configured banks. Only configure the banks and install the bankswitch WRITE_HANDLER in the games that actually use it (i.e. those with a full megabyte of program ROM). This and the previous change make the drivers a lot less confusing to look at.
    • Converted both drivers to use a scanline timer device instead of a hand-rolled one.
    • Added save state support to m92.c. Everything necessary was already saved, he just had to add the tag. However, presumably due to the core emu_timer breakage (MT 4330, 4331) the save states don't actually work at the moment. He's already reported this as MT #4333.
    • Added GAME_MECHANICAL tag to wpksoc and clone.
  • Angelo Salese converted Ginga Ninkyouden to use proper 6840 PTM device.
  • Angelo Salese fixed missing sprite regression in the Wiz driver.
  • R. Belmont updated chdman: Handle track type 6 in .nrg files.

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