Release Date

MAME 0.144u1 was released on 27 November 2011.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Roberto Fresca and Rob Ragon provided Forte Card improvements:
    • Added crystal through #define.
    • Correct clocks for CPU, CRTC and AY8910.
    • Added new spanish set.
    • Added correct bipolar dump.
    • Correct palette routines, plus video resnet.
    • Watchdog.
    • Added preliminary support for 93SC56 serial EEPROM.
    • Added proper serial EEPROM dump.
    • Added a ton of technical notes.
  • Roberto Fresca and Rob Ragon updated the Forte Card: Improved the 93SC56 serial EEPROM interface. Added more findings and technical notes.
  • Fabio Priuli modernized address maps for most skeleton drivers.
  • Mariusz Wojcieszek fixed rom mapping and added nvram in pcat_nit.c. Some mini-games in streetg(2) are playable now.
  • R. Belmont, Carl and cgwg provided SDL updates:
    • pcap network support for OS X and Windows SDL targets.
    • GLSL tweaks to better support the "CRT" shader.
  • Angelo Salese made default paletteram to be white on Hot Chase start-up, fixes ugly MAME default palette to be shown at POST.
  • Miodrag Milanovic changed makefile in order to make sequential compilation of MAME and MESS and their sub targets less resource demanding.
  • Angelo Salese moved V3021 RTC emulation into a proper device, and made it to increment the time. Hooked this up into pgm.c and fortecar.c drivers.
  • Team CPS-1 updated cps3.c: Documented all sfiii, sfiii2 and sfiii3 existining revisions.
  • Team CPS-1 provided a CPS-1 update:
    • Fixed 3wondersu, ffightu1, ffightj1, sf2uc, sf2ud, sf2uf ROMs labels and positions, added pcb infos to video\cps1.c.
    • The Dumping Union redumped and fixed sf2ceuc to match real pcb
    • Restored 4 EPROMs properly dumped in forgottn and marked LW-13.10D as possible bad dump in forgottnu, see the note.
    • The Dumping Union fixed inverted EPROMs positions in megaman according to a new USA 91635B-2 B-Board.
    • Kold666 added a note about RT_23.13B ROM in wonder3.
    • Added some documentation notes to various sets.
    • Minor cleanups and fixes.
  • Aaron Giles fixed obvious use-after-free error in device_delete().
  • Aaron Giles removed explicit freeing of HLSL shadow_texture, since it is allocated by texture_create() which does its own tracking and freeing.
  • Kevin Eshbach provided various changes to the Bally Sente driver.
    • Corrects the rom locations for Trivia Pursuit Baby Boomer edition.
    • Corrects the rom locations for Street Football.
    • Added date code to Mini Golf (Set 2), Trivia Pursuit (Baby Boomer Edition), Night Stocker (set 1), Night Stocker (set 2) and Street Football.

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