Release Date

MAME 0.145 was released on 05 February 2012.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • trap15 fixed disassembly of far jump instructions in the u'nSP core.
  • David Haywood corrected loading for dragngun video data, identified as standard DVI Data.
  • David Haywood provided a slight fix to the way captaven rasters were handled.
  • Stephh improved inputs in Tourvision driver.
  • hap added sprites wrap-around in Donkey Kong HW, seen in DK3 when clearing stage 1.
  • David Haywood updated the chd code: Fix error where FLAC was encoding 4 times too much data (samples vs. bytes).
  • David Haywood converted Boogie Wings to generic sprite device plus added manual mixing. Converted various bootleg implementations of the chip to use the common code as well. (tumbleb.c, esd16.c, crospang.c, nmg5.c).
  • Grull Osgo and Angelo Salese implemented preliminary support for Trident SVGA cards, fixes graphics in California Chase loading screen.
  • Grull Osgo and Angelo Salese hooked up inputs and sound in california chase, game is now more or less working without steer inputs and still needs the user to launch boot.exe first from MS-DOS prompt..
  • David Haywood provided various wav/flac sample changes:
    • Removed hardcoded ".wav" sample extensions from within drivers.
    • Updated samples.c to check for both .flac and .wav extensions when loading a sample.
    • Made sample loading failure a bit more verbose (various zips contained 0 byte samples, possibly to keep clrmame happy or something).
    • Fixed memory allocation with 8-bit flac samples.
  • David Haywood updated Act Fancer: fixed background tilemap size, corrects level boss bg (partial fix for MT #4585).
  • MooglyGuy provided RDP optimizations and memory system shunting in N64 driver; relative speedup of 1.4x to 1.5x.
  • Roberto Fresca did Truco Tron reverse engineering:
    • Identified and added EF6821P PIA for I/O.
    • Identified and added the CRTC as HD/UM6845.
    • Identified a Maxim MAX691 and hooked watchdog/reset functions based on the PIA line where is tied. Also hooked others minor related things.
    • Identified a Darlington Array ULN2003.
    • Added correct clocks for main crystal, CPU and CRTC through #define.
    • Improved inputs/jumpers with PCB traces.
    • Added technical notes.
  • R. Belmont updated Model 1: add skeleton device for Z80 version of the MPEG sound board. No playback, just running the Z80.

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