Release Date

MAME 0.145u6 was released on 25 March 2012.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • bdam changed DirectInput joystick acquisition method to be non exclusive.
  • Dave Haywood updated toaplan2.c: corrected the video (character layer) offset for 1945 Part-2 (Chinese hack of Battle Garegga).
  • O. Galibert updated the dc driver: Fix the maple hookup and controllers and add the missing maple irq.
  • hap updated galaxia.c: Improved colors and hooked up cvs stars circuit.
  • Angelo Salese hooked up TMS9928 and PIA devices to Baby Pac-Man video CPU, gives some gfx if you press the service switch.
  • David Haywood updated pgm.c: Continued refactoring of the protections, including improved notes. Moved some code into the states and split states by protection type.
  • David Haywood set the correct cpu in mpu5.c driver and split a few alternate revisions into clone sets.
  • iq132 decrypted the rest of the gambling sets in igs_m027.c. No further advancements in visible emulation to report, though.
  • Angelo Salese improved irqs in Little Robin, and added preliminary sound to it.
  • Angelo Salese converted gamtor.c to use VGA device (doesn't work though due of a weird banking problem).
  • David Haywood updated the m68k core: add preliminary on-board peripherals to 68307 and 68340.
  • wallyweek updated the SDL port: Fix formatting of chdman man page.
  • wallyweek and R. Belmont allowed compilation with compatible system-installed versions of libjpeg and libflac.
  • Andreas Naive solved the remaining issues with Raiden 2's sprite decryption.
  • Miodrag Milanovic provided major driver modernization changes:
    • Added 4th parameter to all address maps.
    • Added missing state classes.
    • Removed ADDRESS_MAP_MODERN define.
  • Brian Troha updated rastan.c: Add dipswitch locations to the Rastan sets.
  • Brian Troha updated namcos21.c: Added Namco game prefix to the Winning Run 91 set. Added minor documentation about the System21B two board stack.
  • trap15 updated nmk16.c: Fixes some issues and cleaned up the video sources a bit.
  • Sonikos fixed ymf271.c core timer allowing for greater accuracy.
  • David Haywood updated the BFM Scorpion 4 Hardware:
    • General update which fleshes out some of the 68307 code (not 100% correct hookups, just improved logging and enough to get us somewhere).
    • Added various devices to the SC4 emulation, added a default layout showing the VFD, to which most of the earlier games will now write 'Initializing'. Timers and other devices still need to be implemented properly before they actually initialize.
    • Put the actual SC4 hardware emulation in drivers/bfm_sc4h.c so that it doesn't get lost in the swamp of sets (scrolling through a file is quite hard when it's almost entirely set definitions).
  • stephh fixed Dip Switches and Inputs (after verification of the Z80 code) in mirax, miraxa (mirax.c).
  • hap updated galdrvr.c: Added preliminary protection emulation to Monster Zero.
  • Aaron Giles moved all drivers to using the paletteram helpers defined in the driver_device base class. The palette base is now specified via an AM_SHARE of "paletteram" or "paletteram2". The driver_device base class now finds these pointers and places them in m_generic_paletteram_8/_16/_32 and m_generic_paletteram2_8/_16/_32.
  • Aaron Giles removed machine.generic.paletteram*, and machine.generic entirely. Removed AM_BASE_GENERIC/AM_SIZE_GENERIC as they don't apply anymore.
  • Aaron Giles changed required_/optional_shared_ptr to support set_target with base and size for manually configuring a shared pointer, and a new allocate method for dynamically allocating (and registering the memory for save states).
  • Aaron Giles converted memory_private to memory_manager and moved global memory operations into methods on it. Converted the less-popular cases over in drivers that used them, leaving the bank management APIs global for now.
  • Aaron Giles added logic to ensure that shared pointers are checked to be of the right width. The primary upshot is that if you declare AM_SHARE("paletteram") in an 8-bit memory map, then only m_generic_paletteram_8 will be populated, and m_generic_paletteram_16 will be NULL. But it applies to all required_/optional_shared_ptrs declared, so make sure they are of the right type.
  • David Haywood added code to cdrom.c to compute and verify ECC codes for mode ½ sectors.
  • Aaron Giles added CD compressor template which separates subcode data from sector data, removes redundant ECC data prior to compression, and uses separate compressors for each part. Defined LZMA and ZLib CD compressors based on this and made them the default for CDs.
  • Guru redumped sprites rom of lhzb2.
  • Luca Elia decrypted sprites in lhzb. Decrypted tiles and palette in lhzb2 and slqz2. Added inputs and memory maps in these games, pending protection simulation.
  • Aaron Giles moved driver list/enumerator to new file drivenum.c/.h. Move game_driver definition and constants to new header gamedrv.h.
  • hap updated wldarrow.c: Added service inputs, allowing battery RAM to be initialized in test mode, making the games close to playable.
  • O. Galibert updated the namcos10 driver: Fix banking for Mr. Driller 2, first stab at the encryption.
  • David Haywood provided misc sc4/68307 updates + prelim peripheral hookups, allows most sc4 sets to run their sound rom checks.
  • Brian Troha updated rastan.c: Cleaned up Parent/Child order. Corrected ROM names and added additional information / notes.

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