Release Date

MAME 0.146u1 was released on 11 June 2012.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • f205v provided a Naomi/Chihiro documentation update.
  • Brian Troha updated seta.c: Added PCB layout & dipswitch locations for Magic Speed.
  • James Wallace placed some handlers for the DM01 board into bfm_sc4 - once confirmed that more games are on the hardware, this can move into the main driver.
  • Team CPS-1 provided a CPS-1 update:
    • kold666 dumped and added CA22B.1A PAL to cawingj.
  • David Haywood found more games that use the DMD01, hooked those up, and cleaned up the interface hooks. Cleaned up Scorpion 4 sets.
  • Phil Bennett fixed bug 04862: smashtv and clones: Smash T.V. crashes while a game begins.
  • Oliver Stöneberg fixed memory leak in libflac/libflac/md5.c (fixes memory issues with chdman).
  • Couriersud added cycle exact potentiometer and keyboard support to pokey device
  • David Haywood added some bits to get the V53 (V33 core) running at least some sane sound code for hng64.c There is no sound yet though, and the banking mechanism will need hooking up but the initial banks should be correct.
  • Mark F., Brian Troha and The Dumping Union updated vsnes.c: Documentation update and corrects several roms names. Added set information to game names where possible. Tried to correct region information by copyright.
  • Brian Troha updated flipjack.c: Documented dipswitch settings & pinout for Flipper Jack as per manual.
  • Troy Gratton updated mediagx.c: Added additional documentation specifying revision and build dates for the Area 51: Site 4 sets.
  • Brian Troha updated ssv.c: Added dip locations to Mobil Suit Gundam Final Shooting.
  • Andrew Welburn and Brian Troha updated bzone.c: Documentation update including information about the -01 revision vector gen board and associated proms. Corrected and added PCB locations to Red Barron's roms. Added revision to the names of the 2 Battle Zone sets and made the parent the most current set (rev 2).
  • Brian Troha updated shootout.c: Added dipswitch locations to the Shootout sets.
  • R. Belmont updated the es5505/6: actually use the ADC port read callback.
  • hap and kanikani provided a topspeed.c update:
    • kanikani added pinout documentation and dipswitch locations.
    • hap fixed issues with analog controls.
    • hap added second ADPCM chip and started to make sense on how these are hooked up.
  • Couriersud provided an "Analog" Pokey update:
    • Derived internal resistance calculation from Pokey documentation. This is a 4-bit parallel resistor (High-Z mos "devices") network to ground. The result is a non-linear resistance function.
    • Added low-pass filter support and opamp/resistor stages to the pokey driver. This is not as good as complete discrete emulation, but a lot better than the linear approximation we had before.
    • Changed a couple of drivers to use the new output volume calculation.
    • Added device configuration macros. Made all drivers use them.
  • Couriersud added POKEY filter stages to a couple of more games.
  • PulkoMandy updated the SDL core: Preliminary Haiku OS support.
  • Couriersud added POKEY filter stage to Tunnel Hunt.
  • Couriersud added complete discrete filtering to quantum driver.
  • James Wallace improved reel motor and optical alignment for reels as related to the layout interface.
  • Brian Troha updated segas32.c: Documentation update. Updated Sega game ID codes & PCB #'s, for Alien 3: The Gun, F1 Exhaust Note, Outrunners, Rad Mobile and Rad Rally. Documented known Rad Mobile Upright versions listed from manuals currently not dumped.
  • Tafoid removed duplicate code which necessitated separate samples for War of the Worlds (color) (wotwc). Both display types now only need the one sample set (wotw).
  • Couriersud added discrete sound to bwidow and gravitar.
  • Couriersud did minor changes to ccastles (volume level) and centiped (low pass filtering).
  • Couriersud removed class members no longer needed from pokey.c.
  • Phil Bennett updated 68681.c: Fixed counter/timer implementation.
  • Phil Bennett: provided taito_en.c improvements:
    • Use the common 68681 DUART implementation.
    • Implemented the MB87078 volume control.
  • Brian Troha updated model3.c: Documentation update. Added known Sega ID# for Game, rom board & security board for several games. Noted which Scud Racer sets were Twin or Deluxe and included information about the undumped Australian DX version.
  • Tafoid did input work on Dai-Dai-Kakumei - clearing unknown bits and adding confirmed settings.
  • Brian Troha updated eolith.c: Added dipswitch locations to all games in the driver. Cleaned up the input port defs. Added speed-up for Linky Pipe and a note as to where the game seems to hang.
  • hap provided taito_z.c updates:
    • Removed fake digital steering wheel hack.
    • Improved analog controls for chasehq and contcirc.
    • Fixed some racingb issues, it's playable now.
  • Roberto Fresca added an ASCII PCB layout, more findings and technical notes to lucky 74 driver.
  • O. Galibert provided an experimental, and somewhat gross, fix for the MIE issues.
  • Michael Zapf provided a new TMS9900 and TMS9995 implementation with proper control line handling and wait state generation. Previous implementation has been renamed to * l.{c,h} and drivers point to the old implementation until they are adapted to the new version.
  • Angelo Salese implemented buzzer sound in Destiny - The Fortuneteller.
  • The Dumping Union updated bzone.c: Add the Address Decode prom to Red Baron. Currently not used in emulation but we archive it anyways.
  • James Wallace enabled proper save stating for bfm_bd1 machine which should fix MT bug#03990 as well.
  • O. Galibert updated the naom driveri: Make illvelo boot, probably others too.
  • Brian Troha updated model2.c: Updated several sets with Sega's game and / or ROM board ID#. Corrected the sound CPU & sample roms for the Manx TT set (as verified by manual) and documented the undumped Manx TT Deluxe set.

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