Release Date

MAME 0.146u2 was released on 02 July 2012.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • David Haywood and Smitdogg readjusted visible area in the vamphalf.c driver based on tests comparing emulation and original PCB observations.
  • David Haywood made the vdp map actually belong to the vdp, handling the palette manually for pikiri8.c - fixes MT#04759.
  • Michael Zapf added cycle-precise implementation of tms9980a; changed tms9900.c to allow for subclassing tms9900 and tms9980a from a common parent.
  • R. Belmont updated the SDL port: Support newer Linux distros using GCC 4.7.
  • Daniel Filner provided two TMS32031 fixes:
    • Don't set underflow when doing a floating point subtract that results in 0.
    • Don't overwrite the exponent during a FIX operation.
  • jmak provided CHD fixes:
    • Fixed uninitialized variables that were creeping into output.
    • Changed qsort() callback to never return "equal", working around unstable system libc implementations.
  • Robbbert allowed for 2 seconds of emulation to boot up before applying quickload for Jaguar.
  • R. Belmont updated the cd32 driver: fix so it can find the CD-ROM.
  • Brian Troha updated seta.c: Fill in some missing PCB board numbers. Correct the board numbers as they are silkscreened on the PCB. Corrected the rom names for JJ Squawkers.
  • Brian Troha updated tx1.c: Add documentation about the TX-1 (Japan) PCBs. Added dipswitch locations to TX-1 and Buggy Boy sets.
  • Brian Troha updated seta.c: Added dipswitch locations to Ultraman Club.
  • Tafoid verified dips for Space Firebird and clones (spacefb.c).
  • Phil Bennett updated vegaeo.c - Hooked up sound in Crazy War.
  • xingxing added PGM2 motherboard specs/notes to driver.
  • Brian Troha updated- midvunit.c: Added dipswitch locations to Cruis'n USA, Cruis'n World, Off Road Challenge and War Gods sets.
  • David Haywood updated eolith.c: Boost interleave for sound to correct syncing issues.
  • bulldawg replaced bitrotted rom for Mortal Kombat Turbo 3.0 (mkyturboe) which caused hanging during demonstration.
  • Wilbert Pol updated upd7810.c: Fixed setting of flags in the ACI_[VABCDEHL]_xx functions. Fixed handling of Carry flag in the DAA instruction.
  • Smitdogg and Tafoid updated labels.locations for all Crazy Kong PT 2 sets based on a recently dumped board.

Game Support

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