Release Date

MAME 0.147u3 was released on 19 November 2012.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • MooglyGuy updated avr8.c:
    • Added FMUL, FMULS, and FMULSU opcodes.
    • Fixed incorrect N flag calculation in ROR opcode.
    • Fixed incorrect bit testing in SBIC/SBIS opcodes.
  • Angelo Salese and Takahiro Nogi fixed nested NMI behaviour on soft resets in Nichibutsu mahjong drivers (hyhoo.c, nbmj8688.c, nbmj8891.c, nbmj8991.c, pastelg.c).
  • MooglyGuy updated avr8.c: Converted to modern CPU device.
  • Roberto Fresca provided a new driver for Super Card. Encrypted custom Fun World CPU based on Z80 family, plus 2x 8255 PPI, and YM3812 / Y3014 for sound. The status is still preliminary.
  • smf fixed cd & root counter irq's.
  • Christian Grössler updated the z8000 core: Fixed implementation of trdb, trdrb, trib, trirb, trtdb, trtdrb, trtib, trtirb instructions.
  • Brian Troha updated suprloco.c: Made Rev A the parent set. Added dipswitch locations to the Super Locomotive sets. Added minor documentation about basic PCB parts.
  • Luca Elia decrypted graphics in "Saint Dragon (set 2)".
  • Robert Muth updated cpu.mak: Allow overriding tmsmake/m68kmake for easier cross-compilation and testing of alternatives.
  • Robert Muth updated the netlist code: Symbols starting with _ are reserved in many BSD-derived environments.
  • Brian Troha updated itech32.c: Major ROM renaming to get away from the DOS 8.3 convention to accurately reflect what's on the labels.
  • Robert Muth normalized some include paths to always include video/ or machine/ as necessary.
  • Robert Muth updated konicdev.c: Fix weird do-nothing lines that cause Clang warnings.
  • Roberto Fresca and Team Europe updated Mega Lines: Added PCB, bipolar PROMs circuitry and DIP switches layouts. Also added some technical notes and cleaned up a bit the code.
  • David Haywood added tile flipping, dips, cleaned up a few bits for Planet Probe. Now marked as working. Old pprobe.c driver no longer needed.
  • Tafoid added Dip Locations to vastar.c driver.
  • O. Galibert updated the 6502 core: Rewrite modern, cycle-exact and interruptible.
  • Curt Coder updated m6800.c: Workaround for Coleco Adam not booting. The free-running counter values are unacceptable, so let it read from the output compare register instead. To be fixed properly later.
  • MooglyGuy updated avr8.c:
    • Renamed io map to data map, routed ports through io map.
    • Implemented ST Z+ and SBIW opcodes.
  • O. Galibert updated the m6502 core: More interrupt fixing.
  • O. Galibert updated the btime driver: Implement the Deco CPU-7 and C10707.
  • O. Galibert updated the deco16 driver: Vectors are non-standard.
  • William Coolay provided a fix for the FLAC encoder, which did not use FIR Linear prediction (regressed in r18882).
  • Curt Coder updated cosmac: Added missing IRQ acknowledges.
  • O. Galibert updated the 65c02 core: Fix the bitwise ops and their disassembly.
  • O. Galibert updated the funworld driver: That driver wants the bitwise ops.
  • O. Galibert updated the n2a03 core: Put a second irq line logically-ored with the normal one.
  • Roberto Fresca provided improvements to Pool 10 in Dino 4 hardware:
    • Added PCB layout and technical notes.
    • Decrypted the program ROM data & address.
    • Decrypted the graphics ROMs.
    • Added a default NVRAM.
    • Added button-lamps layout.
    • Promoted to working state.
    • Improved the PCB layout.
    • Added some encryption notes.
  • Team Europe added proper PLD dumps to Bonus Card and Power Card.
  • O. Galibert updated the m6509 core: "normal" read/writes happen in the fetch bank.
  • Phil Bennett updated hcastle.c: Corrected program ROM locations and renamed set names
  • smf replaced usage of psx_sio_install_handler & psx_sio_input with devices.
  • Lord Nightmare updated the tms5220&friends core: Change chirp waveform to match the chip more closely, acoustically. This will require completion of a pending decap to verify as correct, but it certainly sounds better.
  • Lord Nightmare updated tms5220.c: Got rid of most of the excitation (voicing) hacks. The rest is mostly making the space/tabs for comments more consistent and fixing a couple of spelling errors in the comments. Minor bugfix regarding the time_to_ready code.
  • Robbbert updated ballbomb : added music.
  • Robbbert updated lupin3a : added music.
  • Carl updated the i386 core: add debugger helper for converting virtual to physical addresses.
  • Anders Hallstrom added more comment to lessen confusion regarding sound_stream::generate_resampled_data (emu/sound.c).
  • Kevin Eshbach added two missing undumped GAL’s to Badlands and updated documentation regarding missing checksums.
  • Team CPS-1 fixed ROMs labels, locations and pcb infos of mbomberj, mbombrd, mbombrdj sets, all confirmed and verified on real hw.
  • Roberto Fresca added a Jolly Card set from an unknown encrypted PCB 'alla TAB blue board. Graphics are decrypted. Program needs decryption work.
  • Roberto Fresca provided Jolly Card Spanish encrypted set improvements:
    • Decrypted the program ROM.
    • Added button-lamps layout.
    • Added a default NVRAM.
    • Promoted to working state.
  • Robbbert updated rollingc : Added sound to the 'Moon Base' portion of this game.
  • Robbbert updated darthvdr : added 'invaders' sound.
  • Robbbert updated darthvdr : added dipswitches.
  • Angelo Salese provided various clean-ups of dec8 HW, added irq ack mechanism to Shackled, Last Mission and Captain Silver (they were commented out before) and hooked up SCREEN_RAW_PARAMS to all games in the driver.
  • Olivier Galibert rewrote DECO222 encryption for ghostb, oscar and srdarwin to use the new model.
  • PKGINKO updated scsicd: Add STOP command.
  • PKGINKGO updated the firebeat driver: Some additional ATAPI support.
  • Wilbert Pol updated v9938.c: Removed the "ignore-sprite-limit" hack entirely.
  • R. Belmont updated the rtc65271 core: some minor fixes so Firebeat's RTC check passes.
  • R. Belmont updated the firebeat drivver: fix flash readback through the YMZ. All PPP-type games now can be initialized and booted.
  • Robbbert updated the porter driver: fixed graphics.

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