Release Date

MAME 0.148u2 was released on 19 March 2013.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • smf removed runtime ioport tagmap lookup when using PORT_CONDITION with PORT_BIT, used by gmgalax for example.
  • smf moved some of the saturn code from mame/ into emu/ and made saturn.c & stv.c separately compilable. Still needs work before saturn.c can be moved to mess/.
  • Lord Nightmare updated upd1771.c: Further documentation updates based on the NEC APC technical manual; now all pin names except two are known.
  • Curt Coder modernized the MOS6526, MOS6560, MOS7360, MOS6581, CBM IEC, and IEEE-488 devices.
  • Curt Coder updated the mos6551 device: Added serial callbacks.
  • Barry Rodewald updated fmtowns: Preliminary implementation of the CD-ROM controller's software mode. Enough to get the CD-ROM working under Win95.
  • Angelo Salese added a more sane ST-V SMPC Intback command emulation, based off Saturn version. Fixes inputs in Find Love.
  • Fabio Priuli updated emuopts.c: avoid slots without user configurable options to write their configs at exit.
  • Angelo Salese fixed protection check in Tecmo World Cup '98, game is now playable (Tecmo logo & Title Screen still garbled).
  • Angelo Salese fixed SMPC change clock behaviour, fixes 2 credits at start-up for various ST-V games.
  • Nick3092 updated the input system: Support up to 32 buttons and harmonize Windows and SDL behavior if you exceed the limit.
  • Angelo Salese fixed SH-2 DMAC irqs, fixes at least hard-locking on Baroque.
  • Andrew Gardner modernized tms3615, es8712, cem3394, k051649, rf5c400, rf5c68, tms36xx, polepos, redbaron, cps3, tiamc1, gridlee, gomoku, astrocade, saa1099, st0016, c140, beep, taitosnd, CRT, okim6285, and ZSG2 devices.
  • Lord Nightmare updated deniam.c: Fixed OKI sound banking in Logic Pro 2 and removed IMPERFECT_SOUND flag.
  • tirino73 updated galdrvr.c: Corrected rom labels for Scorpion and redumped set 2.
  • tirino73 updated scramble.c: Corrected rom labels for Harem. Corrected dipswitches for Harem.
  • R. Belmont updated idectrl: words 57/58 of IDENTIFY DEVICE are total sectors, not sectors per track.
  • Wilbert Pol updated sp0256.c:
    • Added a little delay before settling LRQ when resetting the device. Fixes MT05103.
    • When reading the LRQ signal, force an update of the stream. This fixes support for 'The Voice' in 'Turtles' for the odyssey2.
  • Kevin Eshbach updated arcadia.c: Verified and corrected rom names for Arcadia Leader Board v2.4.
  • O. Galibert and R. Belmont updated the h8 core: PC and CCR are packed into one longword. Fixes coinmvga games.
  • smf split saturn and stv up a bit more so that stvprot.c is not linked into MESS.
  • smf split mame/drivers/saturn.c into emu/machine/saturn.c and mess/drivers/saturn.c, so mame doesn't have to compile and link the unused code.
  • Wilbert Pol updated emuopts.c: Re-evaluate slot options after loading .ini files.
  • Rob Braun updated Ethernet: Make pcap work on Mac OS X & disable unnecessary packet filtering.
  • Brian Troha updated mcr.c: Added the "full" version of Demolition Derby that is dipswitch selectable between Upright and Cocktail mode. The other version was a only supported Cocktail mode. Also added proper dipswitch settings for the Cocktail mode only version.
  • R. Belmont updated nscsi_hd: Added 6-byte WRITE, logging of unknown commands, and some Apple-specific SCSI tweaks.
  • A. Viloria updated the 53c7xx device: Preliminary save state support.
  • Guru added dumped C68 program for Steel Gunner 2.
  • Nathan Woods rewrote of 6809/6309/konamicpu cores. 6809 should be cycle exact based on the 6809 datasheet.
  • Samuele Zannoli updated Chihiro.c:
    • Implentation of nvidia register combiners.
    • Fix for ide_controller_device class for most uninitialized variables.
  • smf made tms57002 work in unidasm, disassemble interface can be revisited when all cpu cores have been converted.
  • Team CPS-1 updated cps1.c:
    • Documented several games which have roms that have one a 1-byte difference, now known to be confirmed good and simply an older revision. Thanks go to Bonky0013, Kold666, Stefan Lindberg and others for the cooperation and board investigations.
    • Restored back the rom parts removed in previous updates because they needed to be documented and added the missing ones of the recently dumped 3wondersr1.
  • Robbbert updated cps1.c: improved operation of sf2m3, sf2m8, sgyxz.
  • Fabio Priuli updated g65816.c: added missing mirror of the 5a22 regs.
  • Enik Land updated 315_5124.c: Improved triggering of IRQs.
  • Wilbert Pol updated the debugger:
    • Added support for registerpoints.
    • Added 'exit' as a synonym for 'quit'.
  • PlgDavid updated s14001a.c: Add note that the four dac test pins are really digital out pins.
  • qmc2 addedWindows OSD / stdout/stderr output buffering.
  • R. Belmont provided M740 updates:
    • Added JMP (zp) instruction.
    • Working interrupts.
    • Moved 6502 family V line to make room for up to 16 IRQs.
  • Brian Troha updated turbo.c: Additional documentation for Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom. Noted the encrypted Z80 part number and Sega ID numbers for the CPU and ROM boards. Correct sprite color prom based on photo of PCB.
  • R. Belmont added preliminary support for the Mitsubishi M37450 microcontroller.
  • Angelo Salese and David Haywood updated gunpey.c: Significant emulation improvements to the emulation bringing the game to a mostly playable state, albeit without decompression of the compressed graphics (scheme still not understood).
  • David Haywood updated deco_mlc.c: Rewrote video renderer to be scanline based, allowing for further progress on Stadium Hero '96 emulation (it became possible to implement raster interrupt scanline effects without crippling the performance) The game is now mostly playable but there are some outstanding issues likely to be related to the protection.

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