Release Date

MAME 0.148u5 was released on 20 May 2013.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Andrew Welburn removed garbage in unused bits of 4 bit mathbox proms.
  • smf updated the GTE to not set E flag if the result rounds up to 2, just limit the result.
  • Fabio Priuli updated clifront.c: allow -romident to properly handle zipfiles inside a directory.
  • f205v provided metadata updates for Naomi and Triforce.
  • smf updated PSX emulation: PSX bios rom memory map is now handled by the CPU core as the size is controlled by an internal register. Simplified System 12 protection hack so that it doesn't involve remapping the bios rom area, which also allows the default value for ram to be removed.
  • Smitdogg redumped Chocovader 0.8e rom.
  • Smitdogg replaced bad dumps of gfx roms for nbbatman2bl.
  • any and Tafoid added proper sized maincpu rom for World Tennis from recent dump and updated labels.
  • Tafoid added and verified DIP locations for all sets in travrusa.c.
  • Peter Ferrie updated 8042kbdc: fix uninitialized variable.
  • smf finished modernizing timekeeper.
  • Miodrag Milanovic added LUA 5.2.2 to libraries, did basic hookup of LUA VM into running machine, added -script (or -autoboot_script) command to execute LUA script after driver startup.
  • smf modernised adc083x, ds2401, upd4701.
  • Andrew Gardner added memory tracking to debugger. This includes two new commands: trackmem and pcatmem(p|d|i).
  • smf finished modernizing at28c16.
  • Tafoid added and verified DIP locations for all sets in rallyx.c.
  • smf modernised YMZ280B, YMF271, YM2610, YM2608, YM2203, AY8910, YM2612/YM3438.
  • Brian Troha updated flstory.c: Corrected a couple of dipswitch names for Rumba Lumber and change clocks to be XTAL based.
  • smf modernised the YM3526, which also required adding write lines to the 6502, 6809 and z80.
  • smf modernised Y8950, YMF262, YM3812, YM2413, YMF278B.
  • f205v redumped Sport Fishing 2 (JPN) & Sport Fishing 2 (EXP).
  • Roberto Fresca provided Crystals Colours improvements:
    • Decrypted the tile matrix / video RAM.
    • Wrote proper memory map and inputs from the scratch.
    • Bypassed the program data channels protection.
    • Decrypted the colors / color RAM.
    • Added button-lamps support.
    • Created a default NVRAM.
    • Promoted to working state.
    • Added technical and encryption notes.
  • Roberto Fresca provided Snooker 10 improvements:
    • Fixed NVRAM size.
    • Added default NVRAM.
  • Roberto Fresca provided Apple 10 improvements:
    • Fixed NVRAM size.
    • Added default NVRAM.
  • Roberto Fresca provided Ten Balls improvements:
    • Fixed NVRAM size.
    • Added default NVRAM.
  • smf modernised CDDA & discard buffered samples when starting to play to avoid audio glitches and timing issues.
  • Andrew Gardner added statesave (ss) & stateload (sl) commands to the debugger.
  • smf modernised TMS5220.
  • Smitdogg updated nexus3d.c: replaced dumps with 'better' ones.
  • AUMAP updated bagman.c: The game was made by Itisa, there is an undumped Spanish original
  • smf started to modernise TMS5110.
  • Carl updated pcxt.c: Fix Filetto.
  • Phil Bennett updated fuukifg2.c: Increased Z80 clock to 6MHz. Fixes gogomile intro music and speech.
  • R. Belmont provided various CD-ROM / CHDMAN improvements:
    • Correct import/export of bin/cue images in which the pregap sectors are present.
    • Normalized TOC handling; the start of a track is always the first pregap sector.
    • Finally allows reading and CDDA playing pregap sectors. Works even if the pregap sectors are not present in the file.
  • MASH changed "Gear Shift" to LOW by default for contcirc, chasehq, sci and topspeed.
  • MASH updated sspeedr.c: added generic Gear Shift artwork.
  • Roberto Fresca provided improvements to Golden Poker driver:
    • Proper inputs for Videotron Poker selector.
    • Figured out the Royale multiplexer system.
    • Removed the unused Royale driver init.
    • Both Royale sets promoted to working.
    • Added technical notes.
  • MooglyGuy provided various improvements to the D3D renderer:
    • Enabled vector bloom and associated .ini controls.
    • Added raster bloom and associated .ini controls, each bloom "level" is the linear weight of successively half-sized render targets.
    • Removed D3D8 mode.
    • Mass renaming in D3D renderer to use namespaces, initial planning step to HAL-based renderer implementation on Windows (i.e., GL on Windows).
    • Converted d3d_info, d3d_poly_info, and d3d_texture_info into classes.
    • Added batching of vectors for possible speed increase.
    • Minor cleanup of shader state setting.
  • John Gilbert updated capcom.c: added missing SHA1s to some pinball sets.
  • John Gilbert updated libflac: improve portability for older versions of Xcode.
  • Sonikos fixed input/DIP bugs in several drivers.
  • iq132 provided PGM improvements:
    • Implemented the bitswap protection for Killing Blade allowing all regions to work.
    • Implemented additional protection required by Dragon World 3, the game is not any further along, but it is much cleaner code.
    • Implemented bitswap protection and several DMA modes for olds. The ram_dump hack is no longer required. The protection simulation is still somewhat incomplete.

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