Release Date

MAME 0.161 was released on 29 April 2015.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • MooglyGuy updated the mips3 core: Add integer divide-by-zero handling to MIPS III cores.
  • Guru updated the segas32 driver: Redumped oversized Stadium Cross ROMs at the correct sizes.
  • MetalliC and Wind updated aica.c: ADPCM looping (DC swirl sound) and address masking (Red Dog) fixes.
  • MetalliC updated segasp.c: basic system and IO hookup - BIOS is working, Tetris Giant boots to title, other rom based games start loading but hang due missing RFID reader.
  • MetalliC and CaH4e3 updated the atomiswave driver: more correct ROM board PIO access (fixes ggisuka, rumblef2 crash).
  • R. Belmont and endrift updated the arm7 core: STM decrementing mode actually writes in incrementing mode on real h/w. Used heavily by GBA "Classic NES" carts.
  • Angelo Salese did some work towards "Unknown 186 Gambling Game". Shows some menus, but it's nowhere near playable.
  • qmc2 added support for per-OSD mak files.
  • MooglyGuy updated the mips3 core: Made fast RAM option common to both interpreter and DRC.
  • superctr fixed SegaPCM volume register overflow.
  • Rob Braun updated netdev: fix race condition/crash when using the OSD to choose pcap devices.
  • Ted Green provided more iteagle improvements:
    • PCI: allow BAR of 0; change "invalid" from 0 to -1.
    • vrc4373: implement bus-master DMA.
    • es1373: Do some processing and DMA, and issue IRQs.
  • Curt Coder updated the z80pio device: Added individual write line handlers for port bits.
  • Vas Crabb provided Native CoreAudio sound output for OSX:
    • Audibly lower latency than SDL sound output.
    • Allows selection of output device (-audio_output).
    • Allows up to ten AudioUnit effects (-audio_effect0..9).
    • New aueffectuitl tool to create/edit effects.
    • Also supports standard .aupreset effect files.
  • Curt Coder updated the 6522via device: Added device address map.
  • Curt Coder updated the mos6530 device: Rewritten to support time travel.
  • Vas Crabb allowed font face/size selection for Qt and Cocoa debuggers.
  • Lord Nightmare updated hexion.c: Document chip locations and xtal based on PCB pictures of Konami PCB and bootleg PCB.
  • Vas Crabb replaced simple_set with std::set.
  • Couriersud added the ability to mcs51 family processors to use port bits as inputs which actually are used as outputs because a "0" has been written to them. The CMOS chips in the family may be misused in this way when a low impedance source is connected to them.
  • Luca Elia updated sigmab98.c: fixed position of zoomed sprites and added sprite RAM buffer. Emulated background color register. Removed some ROM patches.
  • Alex Jackson updated exidy.c: brute force fix for m6502-related regressions.
  • system11 extracted protection data for Ma Cheon Ru.
  • Couriersud completely hooked up 6845 in cardline driver. Documented asic addresses.
  • anonyMous updated jwildb52.c: dumped GFX roms.
  • Couriersud improved truthtable handling in netlist. Prepare per-game setting of USE_DEACTIVE_DEVICE.
  • Couriersud fixed repetitive monitor updates. By design, MAME has an issue setting aspect correctly on monitor resolution changes. This needs to be addressed separately.
  • Couriersud added 74192, 9316, 9310 and 74193 devices to netlist. Added breakout(wip) netlist as well, but still have to implement three more devices until work can really start.
  • Tafoid updated Jump Bug (galaxian.c): Adjusted clock speed to have working audio match that of video from PCB. Added notes regarding missing audio and flagged game.
  • Couriersud properly documented address deconding for GFX roms in cardline.
  • Brian Troha updated berzerk.c: Verified and corrected the rom labels for Berzerk (set 1).
  • Barry Rodewald provided some WIP for Cirrus Logic GD542x/3x video chipsets, and split from pc_vga.c into it's own file. Hardware cursor is working, but other acceleration features still need a lot of work.
  • Cesare Falco updated *nix man pages: Added new options to select debugger font face and size.
  • KO Myung-Hun made SDLMAME v0.160 select the first mode unconditionally as a best mode when -switchres is used on SDL12.
  • ibara fixed build on OpenBSD.
  • Osso added / enabled save state support for the following drivers: aztarac.c, bagman.c, bigstrkb.c, cheekyms.c, clshroad.c, headonb.c, invqix.c, jackie.c, lwings.c, m107.c, m72.c, mainsnk.c, mirax.c, murogem.c, murogmbl.c, niyanpai.c, pitnrun.c, portrait.c, powerins.c, ppmast93.c, quizdna.c, rmhaihai.c, rotaryf.c, roul.c, route16.c, sauro.c, sbugger.c, shangha3.c, shanghai.c, shangkid.c, shaolins.c, spcforce.c, splash.c, spoker.c, spool99.c, ssfindo.c, stactics.c, thepit.c, toobin.c, truco.c, tunhunt.c, unkhorse.c, vamphalf.c, victory.c, vigilant.c, vroulet.c, warpsped.c, wiz.c.

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