Release Date

MAME 0.166 was released on 30 September 2015.

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed


The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Lord Nightmare updated the TMS51xx device: Got rid of the request_bits and FIFO implementation, both of which were incorrect to hardware. Minor ZPAR fix. Some comment cleanup.
  • Lord Nightmare updated TMS5110.c: Finally fixed zpar logic correctly.
  • Lord Nightmare updated the TMS5220 device: implemented talk status state machine properly as shown by patent. Got rid of m_target_* hack in favor of loading data from ROM as needed. Fixed ZPAR logic. Fixed pitch zeroing to match(?) patent.
  • Lord Nightmare updated the TMS5220 device: Purge process() of gotos to hopefully make the compiler's optimizer happier. Add a hack so Victory's "Shields Up" sample and the sample afterward aren't corrupted.
  • Samuele Zannoli updated chihiro.c: under the hood 3d accelerator changes
    • correct some errors;
    • add more primitives to some graphic methods;
    • add color mask support;
    • method 0x100 (NOP) generates correct interrupt;
    • some method parameters are readable from mmio registers.
  • Samuele Zannoli provided various updates to chihiro.c/xbox.c:
    • support render targets different than rgb32;
    • support 16 bit depth buffer;
    • support independent clearing of stencil and depth values;
    • update rom loading;
    • add xbox hack to avoid stalling;
    • set xbox bios 4134 as the one used.
  • Samuele Zannoli updated xbox.c: now it is able to execute the default.xbe from an iso image.
  • f205v provided a Naomi / Chihiro docs update.
  • Ian Karlsson updated the C352 device: Add divider for System 23, change enum format.
  • shattered updated the besta driver: hook up 68230 and make its ROM self-test pass.
  • shattered updated at.c, at_keybc.c: hook up Display Switch and remove irrelevant DSW0.
  • shattered added skeleton support for K1801VM2 (as clone of T11) and skeleton driver dvk_kcgd that uses it.
  • Lord Nightmare updated the TMS5110 device: Add same FAST_START_HACK as in tms5220, makes snmath word delay closer to hardware.
  • shattered updated the asst128 driver: use better ROM dumps.
  • R. Belmont updated the apple2/apple2e driver: fix raster parameters, French Touch "Scroll Scroll Scroll" demo now syncs on apple2e driver.
  • Luca Elia updated suna8.c: Overhauled the rendering of text sprites, added masking. Not perfect yet but improves a few effects compared to PCB videos.
  • Vas Crabb and hsialin updated goldstar.c: improve input and DIP switch documentation
    • cmast91: Document Skill Stop DIP switch and Stop 1/2/3 buttons, correct settings for '7' In Double Up Game and make descriptions consistent with other games;
    • cmezspin: fix DIP switches and inputs (more like cmv4 than cmasterb), add improved layout to match corrected inputs.
  • cgwg updated the opengl renderer: fix overly-strict requirement on SCREEN shaders to match docs.
  • LuigiBlood updated n64.c: Development Disk Drive setting support.
  • Peter Ferrie updated apple2e.c: select displayed page for floating bus.
  • David Haywood and Ariane Fugmann provided a Sega X-Board update:
    • Converted 'X Board' to be a device;
    • Correctly emulated the 'Twin' X-Board setup which was used by GP Rider (a bridge board with shared RAM).
  • Nigel Barnes updated the bbc driver: clones, floppy formats, softlists, and cleanups.
    • Added clone bbcb1770, bbcb now 8271 only;
    • Added clone pro128s, Olivetti Prodest PC 128S;
    • Added clones Acorn Business Computers and Cambridge Workstation;
    • Added clone reutapm, Reuters APM board.;
    • Improved floppy formats, added dsd and double density formats for ADFS.
    • Added speech PHROMs, not yet hooked up correctly;
    • Added softlists bbcb_de_cass, bbcb_us_flop and bbcmc_flop;
    • Added S11 links (dipswitch) to specify Econet ID;
    • Address map cleanups.
  • Caius updated macrossp.c: Add PAL dumps to Macross Plus.
  • Carl and Axel Muhr updated the pcd driver: implement pcx video device.
  • Barry Rodewald updated the al520ex driver: added preliminary Magic Sound expansion (not working).
  • Rob Braun updated netdev: fix pcap crashes on OS X.
  • iq_132 provided preliminary decryption of newly added igs_m027.c sets.
  • Dr.Venom adjusted NeoGeo sound balance based on some hw recordings.
  • iq_132 improved amazonia decryption.
  • Lord Nightmare updated the TMS5220 and TMS5110 devices: Fix an off-by-one in the interpolator causing the k5 coefficient to not be zeroed during unvoiced frames. Fixes various speech glitches.
  • Lord Nightmare updated the TMS5220 and TMS5110 devices: Fixed incorrect implementation of pitch zero which caused an improperly long period with no pitch at an interpolation inhibited -> voiced boundary. Moved unvoiced parameter zeroing into the frame parser, as on the original chips. Some minor TALK/SPEN state machine changes as well, which should have minimal effect.
  • Scrooge McClunk added 'global_inputs' (disabled by default) to allow MAME to read inputs even when it doesn't have the focus.
  • Enik Land updated 315-5124.c: Minor changes and fix a regression that in theory could affect zoomed sprites in TMS9918 modes.
  • Enik Land updated gamegear.c / sms.c: Improve GG-SMS scaling code a little and update the Todo list. Fixed MT#05872 regarding incorrect behavior of the Sports Pad (US model) emulation.
  • Lord Nightmare, ValleyBell and Nemesis fixed PSG chips to have volume reg inited on reset to 0x0 based on tests by ValleyBell. Made Sega PSG chips start up with register 0x3 selected (volume for channel 2) based on hardware tests by Nemesis.
  • Guru updated ksys573.c: redumped CDs for drmn8m and gtrfrk9m.
  • Lord Nightmare provided significant accuracy improvements, documentation and other updates to the ER-2055 EAROM emulation used for several Atari games, based on schematics and datasheets. It now uses a state machine to keep track of the current EAROM bus state.
  • Lord Nightmare updated the DEC LA120 driver: Keyboard matrix is done, keyboard reading should work in theory. UART partly attached. Corrected cpu XTAL.
  • Lord Nightmare updated the DEC LA120 driver: Implemented LED output via logerror; marked one ROM as bad since it fails its internal checksum tests.
  • Till Harbaum updated the m68k core: fix corner case for 020+ bitfield instructions.
  • Angelo Salese fixed Counter Steer booting:
    • Spotted Slave CPU bus request line;
    • Fixed address line swapping for Slave CPU area at 0x2000-0x2fff.
  • Happy provided n64.c changes:
    • PI transfers round down/truncate the last bit.
    • SI transfers signal busy while waiting for a delay.
    • Preliminary work for separating VI and RDP functionality.
    • VI timing period is now set dynamically from the VI registers. VI timing should now be accurate (for NTSC).
  • Brian Walenz updated the DEC LA120 driver: Redumped firmware ROM, now passes checksum test.
  • mixxmaster separated Space Warp into it's own skeleton driver.
  • Carl modernized the i8271 device.
  • Andrew Gardner converted galastrm, model2, midzeus, namcos23, and hng64 drivers to universal "poly" rasterizing interface.
  • David Haywood did a preliminary refactor of IGS017/IGS031 video hardware to be a device so that it can be used by the igs_m027.c games (IGS gamblers) once the internal ARM roms have been dumped.
  • David Haywood reduced tagmap lookups in taito_f3.c (was causing severe slowdown in arkretrn).
  • Mike Saarna updated the a7800 driver: More accurate representation of the Activision cart hardware for utilized hotspots. Rampage no longer crashes when P1 selects Lizzy.

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