Release Date

MAME 0.169 was released on 30 December 2015.

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed


The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Lord Nightmare fixed dates on the prose2k sets based on their internal datecodes.
  • Angelo Salese updated rungun.cpp: added video priority mode bit, fixes title screen missing rotation effect.
  • Angelo Salese updated rungun.cpp: Fixed Run N Gun single/dual monitor logic setup.
  • Roberto Fresca dumped the bipolar PROMS at locations 4a, 1m, and 3m of Club Pacman / Lambada (Argentina). Only one at location 7f is remaining.
  • Roberto Fresca updated Club Pacman: Dumped and added the remaining color PROMs. They match the pacman/mspacman ones.
  • Roberto Fresca updated Pacman Club: Changed game year and description, according with some facts.
  • Miodrag Milanovic did an initial conversion of core to C++14. Note that compilers are now limited to GCC 4.9.0 and up, Clang 3.4.0 and up, and VS2013 and up.
  • Guru and R. Belmont updated zn.cpp: Added ZN-1 development version BIOS.
  • Peter Trauner rewrote GameKing skeleton driver, dumped + added internal ROM, boots and runs menu, not yet fully working.
  • f205v provided the correct gfx rom for space train.
  • Angelo Salese, David Haywood, dink and iq_132 provided Jaleco Megasystem 1 improvements.
    • iq_132 and dink added Sprite Mosaic effect (port of FBA code), used extensively by Chimera Beast.
    • David Haywood used 68k byte write smearing on main RAM, fixes attract movement in 64th Street, Chimera Beast.
    • David Haywood emulated the 'Sprite Trails' effect and attempted to emulate sprite clearing effect, used on P47 'Jaleco Logo'.
    • Angelo Salese added memory mirrors on type B hardware, fixes 64th Street background destruction.
    • Angelo Salese established that St. Dragon press start text is a raster effect, however method of specifying line etc. is unknown (MCU?) so not currently enabled.
    • David Haywood enabled Soldam hack for parent set as well as Japan set. It seems likely that enabling 16x16 tiles on one of the layers forces one of the others to use 16x16 tile addressing even in 8x8 mode, further testing needed before doing it that way tho, fixes the high score table text.
    • Angelo Salese changed refresh rate to ~56.19hz using raw params, now matches video references.
  • Team Europe added Bandai Super Note Club Software List.
  • Miso Kim updated the spc1000 driver: Using timing difference for cassette deck motor on/off toggle.
  • R. Belmont updated the sun3 driver: switch to new Z80SCC device, add RS232 ports (not functioning yet).
  • Vas Crabb rewrote S2636 from scratch as needed for subhuntr:
    • Needs raw screen parameters and calls from scanline timer to work properly.
    • Collision and completion bits generated correctly including duplicates.
    • Supports background and score display.
    • Generates audio tone from line frequency.
    • Several times faster when rendering per scanline.
  • Vas Crabb provided laserbat.cpp improvements:
    • Use proper video timings.
    • Implement shell and area effects.
    • There are still horizontal alignment issues between layers.
    • Decode PLA bitstream and use for video mixing.
    • Add PLA from lazarian to laserbat as bad dump as it's needed now.
    • Add PLA from catnmous to clone as bad dump as it's needed now.
    • Fix colours - detailed explanation in source comments.
    • Fix inputs - cocktail P2 controls and all 16 DIP switches work now.
    • Support cocktail mode (set in Machine Configuration - uses a sense line).
    • Fix conditions for latching sound data.
    • Fix catnmous audio CPU memory map and ROM loading by tracing program.
    • Hook up catnmous audio CPU peripherals deduced by tracing program.
    • Add more notes on sound and video hardware.
    • laserbat, lazarian and catnmous are playable now.
  • Angelo Salese updated the k053252 device: just reset internal screen state when a frequency clock change occurs.
  • Angelo Salese fixed k055555 write access, fixing Lethal Enforcers 2 text colors properly.
  • Ville Linde split Taito TC0780FPA into its own device.
  • Guru updated the mac driver: use real split ROMs for maciici.
  • ARJ refactored memory map validity checking.
  • Sandro Ronco updated the monzagp driver: added car inputs and collisions.
  • qmc2 made -verifyroms verify sub-devices like mpu401 and c2040fdc.
  • Hans Ostermeyer updated the apollo driver: cleanups and enhancements.
    • Split OMTI8621 ISA device into PC and Apollo versions (Apollo doesn't have a BIOS extension ROM, PC does).
    • Cleaned up OMTI8621 logging.
    • Forced slot # of OMTI board so we can look it up and auto-set the node ID.
    • Adjusted mouse sensitivity.
  • ImJezze updated HLSL: Improved Defocus, Fixed LCD screen, Extended Shadow Mask and Bloom.
    • Made defocus strength equal for x/y and independent from screen size. defocus is now independent from screen size and ratio horizontal and vertical defocus now have the same strength replaced asymmetric defocus kernel by a symmetric kernel defocus is now limited to a maximum of 10 added shader uniforms for orientation and rotation settings.
    • Fixed HLSL for LCD screen.
    • Fixed wrong detection of vector screen, which meant that a LCD screen was also detected as vector screen re-enabled scan-line and other CRT related sliders for LCD screen.
    • Extended Shadow Mask and Bloom functionality.
      • Added shadow mask option to choose between "Screen" and "Source" tile mode ("Screen" is the default as before).
      • Added bloom option to choose between "Addition" and "Darken" blend mode ("Addition" is the default as before) the alpha channel of a shadow mask is now filled with the background color of the screen by the amount of the inverted alpha value.
    • Added monochrome-matrix.png which can be used in combination with "Source" tile mode and "Darken" blend mode to simulate a STN LCD.
  • Jean-Francois DEL NERO updated the EF9365 device: all hardware vector drawing commands are now working. All characters type drawing supported (Horizontal, Vertical, Titled, Zoomed...). 512x512, 512x256 (EF9366),256x256 resolutions supported. New user settings : Number of bitplans, Display resolution/mode. Busy time dynamically generated for vectors and characters drawing. Various fixes. Code clean-up.
  • David Haywood updated cps2.cpp: Emulated Spinner for aiming in Eco Fighters, enabled it by default.
  • David Haywood updated the aquarium driver: Fixed music banking and video priorities.
  • Barry Rodewald provided various improvements to the internal debugger.
    • make closed windows actually disappear.
    • add Run and Hide Debugger menu option.
    • set initial windows so that they don't overlap.
    • make the window colours less garish.
    • add memory window.
    • honour -debugger_font and -debugger_font_size.
    • make title bars the size of the debugger font.
    • make window editors appear over the window it is related to.
    • stop text being drawn out of bounds in window titles and editors.
    • fix order in which windows are rendered.
    • make new windows appear in a cascade fashion.
  • Samuele Zannoli and R. Belmont made it possible for the debugger's memory views to show data as 32 bit, 64 bit and 80 bit floating point numbers.
  • Miodrag Milanovic and R. Belmont made the build system autodetect and build cleanly on Raspberry Pi 2; other ARM Linux targets should also work.

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