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MAME 0.187 was released on 28 June 2017.

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The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Carl updated plugins/cheat: Add hotkey support, and nes, snes and genesis Game Genie support.
  • R. Belmont added initial support for SiS85c496/497 PCI chipset, and added first pass shadow RAM and SM RAM support.
  • R. Belmont provided hp9k_3xx updates:
    • Preliminary working DIO/DIO-II bus implementation and 98544 video card.
    • Hooked up i8042 I/O microcontroller comms to main CPU.
    • Support medium-res built-in video on 9000/332.
  • smf improved CD audio play track/index command handling.
  • smf added unused DIP switches 7 and 8 to Eeekk! since it's a conversion of pacman.
  • Angelo Salese updated terracre.cpp: Added actual hookup for protection data and fixed potential buffer overflow.
  • Dirk Best updated the apricot driver: Switched to preferred Z80SIO device.
  • O. Galibert updated drawgfx: Made the palette optional, and fixed viewgfx for case where palette is absent.
  • O. Galibert updated devcb: Added line hold capability.
  • Ryan Holtz updated bgfx: Fixed xBR-lv2-multipass, xBR-lv2-fast, xBR-lv2-noblend, xBR-lv2, xBR-lv3-noblend, and xBR-lv3 shaders.
  • Barry Rodewald added preliminary YM3802 MIDI/cassette controller with MIDI clock timer and click counter.
    • Added X68000 expansion device using the YM3802, Mahou Daisakusen (x68k) plays MIDI music.
  • Michael Zapf provided ti99 updates:
    • Implemented Hexbus and HX5102 floppy early WIP.
    • Cleaned up slot devices architecture and renamed constants.
    • Added new cartridge type paged7 for TI-CALC.
  • Nigel Barnes updated the accomm driver: Fully implemented keyboard, added sound (same as Electron), and added layout with Caps/Shift Lock LEDs.
  • Nigel Barnes updated the d64plus driver: Implemented banking of extra 64K, and 6845 with chargen - promoted to working.
  • Nigel Barnes updated the dragon32 driver: Added JCB Sound Extension cartridge.
  • Nigel Barnes updated the dragon200e driver: Added correct keyboard.
  • Frank Palazzolo provided starshp1 updates:
    • Fixed graphics/speed issues.
    • Made Fast/Slow momentary as on real cabinet, added note about behaviour.
    • Updated clocks according to latest information.
  • Joakim Larsson Edstrom updated the z80scc device: Added support for resetting RX interrupts/status by reading Rx FIFO through RR3.
    • Gets virtpool driver terminal a bit further, but not all the way (no visible difference).
  • AJR replaced fake TLCS-90 I/O space with callbacks.
  • AJR updated the pangba, pangbb, spangbl drivers: Reduced ADPCM rate to make music speed match original, use callback for audio IRQ.
  • AJR updated the tail2nos driver: Added flip screen support, documented non-effect of "Country" switch.
  • AJR updated aerofgt.cpp: Video and sound refinements:
    • Fixed sound loss in spinlbrk and clones caused by misconfigured ROM bank.
    • Work towards flip screen support for most games - aerofgtb is nearly correct now.
  • AJR updated dynablst, bbmanw & clones: Use 4-way joysticks (as service manuals suggest).
  • AJR updated toaplan2.cpp: Generate (and acknowledge) video interrupts within VDP.
  • AJR made TC0040IOC its own device type and separated its functionality from TC0220IOC.
  • AJR updated the galastrm, undrfire, cbombers, groundfx, gunbustr, superchs, 2mindril drivers: Use TC0510NIO device for inputs.
  • AJR sorted slot options by name in -listslots output.
  • AJR made CBM IEC device names more descriptive.
  • AJR updated the sidebs driver: Fixed POST failure in debug build.
  • AJR updated the taito_en device: Use MB8421 for communication RAM.
  • AJR updated the mjkjidai driver: Use 8255 devices for I/O.
  • AJR updated subsino.cpp: Use 8255 devices (most of which are only used for input).
  • AJR updated the suprloco driver: Replaced soundlatch with 8255 device that runs in mode 2.
  • AJR added TE7750 Super I/O Expander device.
  • AJR updated m72.cpp, m92.cpp: Put IRQ hacks out of their misery.
  • AJR updated the norautp driver: Restored some inputs that were disconnected many releases ago, don't hardcode "Readout" inputs.
  • AJR ShouTime and brizzo updated the grdian, getstarj drivers: Replaced MCU simulation with new dump.
  • AJR updated the s2650 core: Modernised I/O:
    • Replaced fake S2650_SENSE_PORT address with line read callback (set_input_line should also work).
    • Moved S2650_CTRL_PORT and S2650_DATA_PORT to I/O address space.
  • AJR made MAME not try to read past the end of a memory space in debug view.
  • Vas Crabb and AJR added validation for slot cards and fixed some errors exposed by this.
  • Vas Crabb fixed Tandy CoCo keyboard mapping (github issue #2386).
  • Vas Crabb updated the taitosj driver: Made security MCU hookup a device.
  • Ivan Vangelista updated exidy.cpp: Added PROMs to Spectar taken from a bootleg set - believed to match original.
  • Ivan Vangelista migrated remaining device machine configuration additions to instance member functions.
  • Nathan Woods made RAM device look for [km](i?b)? rather than [km].* suffix.
  • Nathan Woods fixed a crash when returning to the front-end after launching a system from favorites.
  • Nathan Woods updated the CoCo drivers: Overhauled the cartridge slot subsystem.
  • Nathan Woods changed the profiler to use std::ostringstream as the text sink (instead of std::string).
  • Nathan Woods changed a few C strings to std::string references in the debugger.
  • RobertoFresca updated the Quingo driver: Switched to hot slots machine (more accurate).
  • RobertoFresca updated the Big Deal Belgien, Bel Slots Export drivers: Added PCB layouts.
  • Brandon Munger updated the r9751 device: Added more SMIOC registers.
  • F.Ulivi and A.Kueckes updated the HP9845 driver: Improved keyboard mapping and added German layout.
    • Implemented SHIFT LOCK key, added pop-ups and outputs showing state of toggle keys.
    • Lowered volume of beeper (was too loud according to A.Kueckes).
  • Tim Lindner added read support for the disk format SDF used in the CoCoSDC.
  • Tim Lindner updated the CoCo drivers: Added Speech/Sound Cartridge support.
  • Tim Lindner fixed JVC disk format to correctly recognize 2 sided disks.
  • Jean-Francois DEL NERO updated the EF9365 device: Fixed the hardware vector engine (fixes ARC Squale Basic).
  • Patrick Mackinlay provided Interpro driver updates:
    • Added skeleton for srarb.
    • Improved mcga/fmcc skeleton and fixed mcga/fmcc detection.
    • Expanded cammu skeletons.
    • Added support for "new" SCSI.
    • Added clock-based ioga interrupts.
    • Added forced NMI handling.
    • Improved SCSI DMA.
    • Removed broken caching.
    • Added Clipper CPU ID support.
    • Added enum masks and unknown registers, disabled bus errors.
    • Made RAM configurable and improved system registers.
    • Added initial implementation of unmapped memory handler.
    • DMA/IRQ changes, serial DMA registers.
    • Added 7-segment diagnostic LED.
    • NMI and DMA improvements - NMI boot diagnostics pass.
    • Made floppy DMA read and write work.
    • Improved logging.
  • Tauwasser provided Gameboy updates:
    • Cleaned up Gowin information in gameboy.xml, added information from archived web site and catalogue.
    • Replaced GoodGBX MBC1 Collection check code with direct comparison of internal ROM name.
    • Removed buffer over-read in get_cart_type.
    • Updated MBC1-MBC5 mapper documentation.
  • David Haywood used more likely clocks for littlerb based on PCB crystals (main CPU is more likely 8MHz than 12MHz).
    • Also added a hack to overclock the TMS to 120% so that the map screen renders properly.
  • David Haywood moved Famiclone stuff from nes.xml to driver and added new sets.
  • TheHpman corrected Neo Geo sprite tile code mask to 20 bits (was previously 19 bits).
  • Tafoid fixed trailing space in -listclones and -listbrothers output.
  • f205v and MetalliC updated naomi.cpp: Added five real dumps of SPI EEPROMs used in M1/171-7978B-type cartridges, updated docs.
  • MetalliC updated naomi.cpp: Converted existing M1-type cart SN# EEPROMs data to be like real dumps.
  • ShouTime and MetalliC updated naomi.cpp: Identified "Airline Pilots" sets as domestic Japan and World versions, according to information from Sega.
  • ShouTime and brizzo updated the kuniokun driver: Replaced MCU simulation with actual dump.
  • ShouTime and brizzo made use of the actual M68705P5 dump for Rumba Lumber, replaces inaccurate simulation.
  • ShouTime and brizzo updated the Onna Sanshirou - Typhoon Gal driver: Use 68705 dump, replace inaccurate protection simulation.
  • ShouTime and brizzo made use of the dumped M68705 for fieldday/undoukai.
  • ShouTime and brizzo updated the tetrsark driver: Add a totally useless MCU dump (apparently blank).
  • Lord Nightmare, ShouTime and brizzo updated the arkanoidja, arkanoidu, arkatour drivers: Replaced hand-crafted MCU programs with 68705 dumps.
  • Lord Nightmare, ShouTime and brizzo updated the prebillian driver: Replaced MCU simulation with actual dump, fixed vblank input, fixed player 2 spinner input, and added launch button.
  • Lord Nightmare updated ay8910.cpp: Made device_clock_changed respect YM2149 pin 26, added pinout, and remove outdated comments.
  • Lord Nightmare updated socrates.cpp: Converted socrates and iqunlimz to bankdev, hooked up socrates hblank input, and made profweis machine configuration derive from socrates.
  • Mike Ryan updated naomi.cpp: Bruteforced "Dragon Treasure" main unit DES key.
  • Kingizor updated the svmu driver: Added two English BIOS versions and a newer Japanese BIOS version.
  • MASH fixed missing VLM5030 speech in Hyper Crash and increased volume, and fixed VLM loading in jailbrek and clones.
  • Pedro J. Martinez updated the gradius4 driver: Changed description to match title screen/flyer.
  • AttackedbyGlitch renamed "Cyber Arcade 120-in-1" to "Defender M2500P 120-in-1" (correct name according to dumper).
  • sjy96525 corrected descriptions for Gradius 4: Fukkatsu and Silent Scope 2.
  • sjy96525 changed Air Combat 22 auto-centering throttle from Pedal to AD_STICK_Z.