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MAME 0.193 was released on 27 December 2017.

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The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • AJR updated the swtpc driver: Split into two systems (SWTBUG and MIKBUG), and added preliminary SS-50 I/O bus.
  • AJR updated the et3400 driver: Add Reset key and Segment Test input.
  • AJR fixed -listdevices' misplacement of subdevices in some configurations.
  • AJR updated the m6809 core: Started resolving the great MC6809/MC6809E device type/clock divider mix-up.
  • AJR added generic ripple counter device.
  • AJR added Seals 8K SC Memory Board to S-100 bus emulation.
  • AJR fixed random strings of question marks in displayed key names.
  • Andreas Naive updated igs036crypt.cpp: Added support for kof98umh, and made key tables compatible with format uploaded by ARM CPU.
  • Andrey Merkulov updated the i8087 device: Fixed regression in Fanuc driver pending further investigation.
  • Angelo Salese updated route16.cpp: Added player 2 inputs to T.T. Mahjong.
  • Angelo Salese updated vgmplay.cpp: Added preliminary YM2608 OPNA support.
  • Barry Rodewald updated the attache816 driver: Enabled MCFG_QUANTUM_PERFECT_CPU on the 8086 - fixes deadlock when writing to RAM disk.
  • BartmanAbyss updated the z180 core: Fixed Z180_RCR_REFW, and added Wait State Generator (DCNTL) support.
  • Carl created separate 8087 device.
  • Curt Coder updated the pet driver: Fixed video RAM mirroring.
  • David Haywood updated the weststory driver: Verified sprite data by converting to bootleg format and figuring out what was scrambled from there.
  • Dirk Best updated the micro3d driver: Added diagnostic terminals to the DrMath and VGB boards.
  • Edstrom updated the prodigy driver: Added basic LAY to SVG XSLT filter.
  • Edstrom provided myb3k driver updates:
    • Added ISA8 bus, moved FDC to ISA8 card, and added COM card and two new FDC cards.
    • Added PIT, PIC, DMA and PPI devices.
    • Corrected clocks, crystals and switches.
    • Split ROM into BIOS and character generator, as physically present.
    • Added clones for Ericsson Step/One and Panasonic JB-3000 rebranded versions (ROMs undumped for latter).
  • feos added a preliminary rewind feature based on save states.
  • Fredrik Ohrstrom updated the myb3k driver: Added keyboard device and preliminary support for Ericsson Step/One keyboard.
  • F.Ulivi updated the hp9845 driver: Added high-level emulation of internal printer.
  • Felipe Sanches fixed and improved metadata for CP-450 and CD-6809 CoCo FDCs.
  • Hans Ostermeyer updated the omti8621 device: Use custom brief instance name "disk" for compatibility with previous MAME versions.
  • Hans Ostermeyer updated the apollo_kbd device: Handle virtual Num Lock toggle inside the devices.
  • MetalliC updated the Atmel AIC device: Implemented most features.
  • MetalliC provided ymz774 improvements:
    • Implemented sequencer and SQC, and fixed SEQ/SQC save states.
    • Added channel volume delayed transition.
    • Implemented channel/SEQ pause/resume.
  • MetalliC updated the ymz770 device: Implemented CHAN/SEQ "keep playing" command.
  • Michael Zapf updated the tms9995 core: Fixed READY check on RESET (auto-waitstate).
  • Miodrag Milanovic updated GENie, BGFX, and BX, and added BIMG since it is separated now.
  • O. Galibert converted disassemblers to independent classes.
    • All architectures are available in unidasm, and paged/non-linear program counters are supported better.
  • O. Galibert updated emumem: Templated address_space::direct on address shift.
    • Address passed to {read|write}_* on address_space or direct_read_data is now the logical address (not byte offset).
  • O. Galibert updated the ide device: Disambiguated 16- and 32-bit CS access, and added non-space CS access methods.
  • O. Galibert updated the memory system: Removed some space parameters from the apple2 domain.
  • Patrick Mackinlay updated the interpro driver: CPU and MMU improvements.
    • Implemented most clipper CPU and MMU exceptions.
    • Completed C300 instructions, adjusted for C400.
    • Improved CAMMU dynamic translation and added faults.
    • Refactored C300 CAMMU into separate instruction/data instances.
    • Configurable IOGA and SR bus memory access.
  • Patrick Mackinlay added new device emulating the National Semiconductor DP8510 BITBLT processing uni.
    • Used in the InterPro GT family graphics boards.
  • Roberto Fresca provided Aristocrat MK5 updates:
    • Redumped the following sets so they have correct checksums and boot: Inca Sun (DHG1577, US), Loco Loot (AHG1513, US), Unicorn Dreaming (BHG1584, US).
    • Removed Margarita Magic set 2 found to be a corrupt dump.
  • R. Belmont updated the riscpc driver: Fixed ROM load for rpc600.
  • R. Belmont and Sarah Purohit updated the twinkle driver: Made many fixes to waveram banking and DMA - most sets are semi-playable now.
  • R. Belmont updated the gba driver: Added various mirrors and fixed byte-wide VRAM/PRAM/OAM access.
  • r09 provided fmtowns improvements:
    • Improved horizontal scrolling/positioning.
    • Fixed mouse cursor moving on its own in Data West games.
    • Implemented half-size sprites and sprite rotation.
    • Fixed kana input and identified missing keys.
  • Robbbert updated the TMS9995 core: Fixed debugger do command (thanks to Ryan Holtz).
  • Robbbert updated the Cortex driver: Made system usable although not complete.
  • Roberto Fresca updated the Amatic Multi Game IV driver: Decrypted program ROM, added proper keys, created new machine configuration (also used for Switched Multi Game III), and added third 8255 PPI.
  • shattered updated the mc1502 driver: Added BIOS 7.2 and TODO list.
  • shattered updated the agat7 driver: Added 840KB floppy HLE and made some minor fixes, can be considered working.
  • smf provided twinkle driver updates:
    • Changed RF5C400 clock to match notes added 8MB of dummy RAM to the RF5C400, and adjusted the banking so sounds play correctly.
    • Improved LED font from available reference sources, mapped lamps and DIP switches, and added basic internal artwork.
  • smf and Guru updated the twinkle driver: Changed security card padding from 0x00 to 0xff, added dumps for 4th and 5th, and scrubbed serial numbers.
  • smf provided RF5C400 updates:
    • Converted to use device_rom_interface.
    • Save/restore the external memory registers.
    • Moved static variable into device state.
    • Fix the commented out osd_printf_debug.
    • Added skeleton for reading and writing channel register 0x0F (used by beatmania IIDX games).
  • smf refactored 680x0 so that member variables aren't public.
  • smf stopped save and load logging timers unless VERBOSE is set.
  • Ted Green updated the seattle driver: Added gearshift to sfrush and sfrushrk.
  • Ted Green updated the atlantis/vegas drivers: Fixed banking for DENVER and DSIO DCS audio.
  • Vas Crabb updated the et3400 driver: Added better layout views including display labels and clickable keypad (github issue #2862).
  • Alex Marshall fixed Batrider's audio CPU clock (should be 32MHz/6).
  • Bryan McPhail mario.cpp: Verified marioo is revision G, and identified unknown PROM as main CPU memory map decoding PROM.
  • caius and robotype updated cps1.cpp: Added yi22b.1a PAL dump and confirmed lwio.12e dump for 1941j.
  • caius updated stlforce.cpp: Corrected OKI clock for twinbrat and clones.
  • dink added hand-made priority PROM for In Your Face.
  • Heihachi_73 updated the aristmk5 driver: Updated layouts.
  • helwie44 updated the alphatpx driver: Identified more keys.
  • MoochMcGee updated pc_vga.cpp: Left-shift CRTC start address depending on mode, thanks to DOSBox-X (github issue #2954).
  • PinMAME updated play_2.cpp: Updated cop402 ROM for zira.
  • Porchy and The Dumping Union updated cps1.cpp, kenseim.cpp: Reqplaced ioc1 PAL logical equivalent with real dump from an unprotected device.
  • rfka01 updated the alphatpx: Added sound emulation.
  • rfka01, helwie44 and Carl updated the alphatpx: Made many improvements to emulation and documentation.
  • rfka01 updated compc.cpp, pc10iii: Added BIOS v4.35c and matching character generator ROM.
  • Sean Riddle updated the tispeak driver: Added correct Speak & Spell 1978 MCU ROM.
  • ShouTime updated segae.cpp: Corrected ROM labels for Hang On Jr.
  • sjy96525 corrected years for a number of systems:
    • Galaxian 3 - Theater 6 : Project Dragoon, Galaxian 3 - Theater 6 J2 : Attack of The Zolgear, LD Mahjong #4 Shabon-Dama, Master's Golf, Correct Operation Thunder Hurricane, Paca Paca Passion, Panic Park, Soreike! Anpanman Popcorn Factory, Virtua Striker 2 '99.
  • sjy96525 improved controls for Landing Gear, Hyper Bishi Bashi Champ, and Salary Man Champ.
  • Sylvain Glaize made MAME raise a fatal error if lua console is requested but the console plugin is not found (rather than crashing).
  • Team Europe updated cdi.cpp: Decapped and dumped quizard3 MCU.