Release Date

MAME 0.36b8 was released on 30 October 1999.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Massimo Morra sped up a little the NeoGeo raster effects. Enabled them in Karnov Revenge and Galaxy Fight. Fixed the field in ssideki3 etc.
  • Nicola Salmoria fixed sprite Y offset in the Simpsons dreamland level. Apologies for taking so long, I couldn't find the time to play it that far and hadn't realized I just had to use the attract mode of the Japanese version.
  • Nicola Salmoria changed the autoframeskip code in the DOS version, making it less anxious to increase frameskip as soon as speed drops below 100%. Let's see if this makes things better or worse.
  • Nicola Salmoria changed the DOS version so mouse buttons are no longer aliases for joystick buttons, they are independently recognized. They are still considered "joystick" inputs though, so if you want to use them you have to redefine the controls in the Joystick menu. This is a minor annoyance that was needed to allow interfacing a Discs of Tron controller to the mouse port (spinner + up and down switches) while still using joystick buttons 1 and 2 for fire and deflect.
  • Juergen Buchmueller added support for ZIPped input files (-playback) and artwork to the DOS version. Well, PNG won't compress very well, but I added it anyway ;)
  • Tatsuyuki Satoh finally fixed the CMPX instruction in the 680x core. On the 6800 it does not affect the C flag, on the others (6803, 63701) it does.
  • Bryan McPhail added VIDEO_BUFFERS_SPRITERAM. See bionicc, darkseal, lastduel for usage examples.
  • Nicola Salmoria added vh_eof_callback to the MachineDriver structure. See bionicc, cps1, lastduel for usage examples.

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