Release Date

MAME 0.77 was released on 12 November 2003.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • R. Belmont added fix to allow a driver to have MSM6295s and plain ADPCM voices coexist (required for gcpinbal).
  • R. Belmont added Full Sound / Music to Grand Cross
  • Bryan McPhail updated the Double Dragon driver
    • Correct video & interrupt timing derived from Xain schematics and confirmed on real DD board.
    • Corrected interrupt handling, epecially to MCU (but one semi-hack remains).
    • TStrike now boots but sprites don't appear (I had them working at one point, can't remember what broke them again).
    • Dangerous Dungeons fixed.
    • World version of Double Dragon added (actually same roms as the bootleg, but confirmed from real board)
    • Removed stereo audio flag (still on Toffy - does it have it?)
  • Curt Coder fixed the Twin16/TMNT driver:
    • twin16.c
      • Fixed cuebrick NVRAM handler
      • Added watchdog reset
    • tmnt.c
    • Fixed mia/mia2 inputs/dips
    • Fixed visible area in cuebrckj/mia/mia2
    • Changed cuebrckj to "Cue Brick (World version D)", since text is in English)
  • Aaron Giles fixed many issues in the TMS32031 core; Offroad Challenge is almost playable as a result, minus the fact that the clipping plane seems to like clipping out the cars during the race. But the terrain problems are fixed at least.
  • Aaron Giles fixed a memory annoyance: unmapped memory accesses always reported the raw byte address, not the CPU-level address. This is annoying for chips like the TMS34010 or the TMS32031, so now the effecitve offset is logged instead, taking into account the address shift.
  • Aaron Giles fixed the OSD: this is a minor fix to enable the OSD for non-debug builds regardless of the -debug flag
  • Nathan Woods contributed misc fixes
    • Adds a handful of comments to uifontdata[]
    • Changes character 14 to a solid circle; previously this character was blank and unused
    • Miscellaneous changes within #ifdef MESS
  • Various Atari Improvements
    • CAGE works
    • motion object checksums work for growth games
    • sprite/playfield priorities work for growth games
    • no more 6502 speedups
    • atarig1.c:
      • added support for the MO command register -- MO checksums now work
      • added missing SHA1 values and marked some ROMs as NO_DUMP
      • removed 6502 speedups
    • atarig42.c:
      • added support for the MO command register -- MO checksums now work
      • added SLOOP emulation for Guardians of the Hood, which is fully playable
      • added missing SHA1 values
      • removed 6502 speedups
      • documented color MUXing
      • removed old orientation code
      • added MO/playfield priorities
    • atarigt.c:
      • added support for the MO command register -- MO checksums now work
      • hooked up CAGE audio
      • added missing SHA1 values
      • documented the overly complicated color MUXing
      • added MO/playfield priorities
    • atarigx2.c:
      • added support for the MO command register -- MO checksums now work
      • added missing SHA1 values
      • added another Road Riot's Revenge variant
      • some input port tweaks
      • removed 6502 speedups
    • asic65.c:
      • improved logic for Road Riot 4WD -- almost playable
      • added support for Guardians of the Hood
    • atarigen.c:
      • fixed bad handling of EEPROM data in 32-bit mode
    • cage.c:
      • fixed frequency computation -- it now works ok!
      • added speedup mechanism
      • fixed positioning of the 4 voices
    • atarirle.c:
      • implemented the MO command register and checksumming
  • Sean Young and Stefano improved the Z80 DAA emulation allowing removal of look-up table

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