Release Date

MAME 0.77u3 was released on 13 December 2003.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Added SHA1 Information to the remaining drivers
  • Seattle (and related) Improvements
    • added ADSP2104 variant to the ADSP2100 core
    • fixed ROM loading code in the ADSP2100 core
    • fixed several minor bugs that affected Biofreaks and California Speed
    • included several DIP switch fixes from Brian Troha
    • fixed input ports for California Speed and SF Rush
    • increased default visible area to handle Biofreaks
    • added speedups to Blitz and Blitz 2000
    • made sure the IDE controller waits a minimum amount of time before generating an interrupt
    • the IDE controller features buffer is now filled in completely
    • fixed code that reads the bus master status register from a word offset
    • tweaked the Midway PIC handling so that Biofreaks can read its serial number
    • changed the mechanism for DCS to report buffer full/empty states
    • added IOASIC support for buffer full/buffer empty interrupts from DCS
    • added preliminary DCS support for ADSP-2104-based sound
    • added code to clip the Voodoo vertexes to 1/16th of a pixel increments
    • fixed writes to the palette RAM on the Voodoo
    • fixed small errors in the Voodoo rendering when bilinear filtering
    • fixed handling of local alpha blending on the Voodoo
  • Nathan Woods improved the SNES emulation based on code from MESS (used for NSS)
  • El Condor fixed Uncio sound frequency with values taken from real PCB
  • R. Belmont added a YMF271 sound core plus very preliminary hook up in ms32.c (only Desert War makes any sound at all and it doesn't really seem to be anytihng like correct, this is probably due to a combination of z80 communication and banking issues)
  • Brad Oliver made sure each bitmap is aligned on a 16-bit boundary
  • Jarek Burczynski updated the Vball driver to use graphics extracted from origianl PCB
  • Jarek Burczynski fixed viofight to only have one OKI
    • fixed adpcm sound in viofight: now there's is only one OKI M6295 chip
    • corrected Z80 clock in viofight
    • corrected viofight rom names
    • added some info about PALs: viofight, nastar
  • Nathan Woods added misc fixes for MESS
    • Added auto_strdup(), just an auto_malloc'd version of strdup()
    • Cleanups in UI string support, primarily to more easily support MESS specific strings without modifying MAME files. Also removed uistring_shutdown(), which is made unnecessary by auto_strdup()
    • Adds osd_die() function; a friendlier way to die in some unexpected fatal way than exit(-1) or raise(SIGABRT)
    • Adds #ifndef <headername>_H protection
    • Adds minor code within #ifdef MESS
  • Brad Oliver made a TMS9900 inline asm update: the syntax for the inline ppc assembly in the tms9900 core has changed slightly
  • Lawrence Gold made a patch for Solaris that replaces uses of sqrtf and floorf, which aren't available on that platform, with their double-precision counterparts. Please let me know if this is a problem, in which case I can add some special-case #defines for Solaris
  • Stefan Jokisch changed Liberator to use Proms, proper PROMS are not dumped however
  • BUT improved the Namco sound core

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