Release Date

MAME 0.86 was released on 23 August 2004.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • R. Belmont improved M37710, NamcoSS22 and C352
    • M37710 changes (m37710.diff):
      • Data bus is actually 16 bit, not 8
      • Fixed saving of status register on interrupts
      • Fixed errors in PHB, PHT, PLT, and ANDB opcodes
      • Added XAB, PLB, and ROLB opcodes
      • Fixed IRQ dispatch errors
      • Various get_info fixes
    • NamcoSS22 changes (s22.diff):
    • All CPU clocks changed to measured-by-Guru values
      • Handle the changed M37710 bus width
      • Temporarily disconnect shared RAM. There's a problem where the 68020's shared RAM test wipes out the 37710's work variables and causes it to crash. I suspect there's a register that halts or resets the 37710. Note: Prop Cycle has no POST and doesn't cause this problem, but all the other games do).
    • C352 change (c352.diff):
      • Remove debug printf that accidentally snuck in
  • Ville Linde improved the SPI driver:
    • Improved (but not yet correct) tilemap decryption
    • Preliminary sprite priority support
  • Ville Linde, Bart Trzynadlowski, and Stefano Teso added the PowerPC 403 core: This is basically SuperModel (Sega Model 3 emu)'s PPC core minus the FPU and 6xx-series specific instructions (that stuff isn't ported to MAME yet). As such, it's passed all manner of synthetic PPC torture tests and should be quite reliable for any PPC403-based hardware.
  • Tomasz Slanina and Pierpaolo Prazzoli made Hyperstone CPU Core Improvements:
    • Tomasz Slanina
      • interrputs after call and before frame are prohibited now
      • emulation of FCR register
      • Floating point opcodes (preliminary)
      • Fixed stack addressing in RET/FRAME opcodes
      • Fixed bug in SET_RS macro
      • Fixed bug in return opcode (S flag)
      • Added C/N flags calculation in add/adc/addi/adds/addsi and some shift opcodes
      • Added writeback to ROL
      • Fixed ROL/SAR/SARD/SHR/SHRD/SHL/SHLD opcode decoding (Local/Global regs)
      • Fixed I and T flag in RET opcode
      • Fixed XX/XM opcodes
      • Fixed MOV opcode, when RD = PC
      • Fixed execute_trap()
      • Fixed ST opcodes, when when RS = SR
      • Added interrupts
      • Fixed I/O addressing
    • Pierpaolo Prazzoli
      • Fixed fetch
      • Fixed decode of e132xs_xm opcode
      • Fixed 7 bits difference number in FRAME / RET instructions
      • Some debbugger fixes
      • Added generic registers decode function
      • Some other little fixes.
  • Angelo Salese updated the Jaleco Mahjong driver: some games are *almost* playable but still have protection issues
  • Adjusted Top Speed volume balance
  • Nathan Woods added some misc fixes
    • Fixes PORT_INCLUDE by making the final IPT_END appended within input_port_allocate()
    • Added some MESS specific defaults
    • Spelling fix in IPT_BILL default

Game Support

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