Release Date

MAME 0.86u2 was released on 31 August 2004.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • R. Belmont contributed misc Updates:
    • m37710.diff
      • Added analog and digital I/O port support. (anyone know how to control PC case fans from software? Prop Cycle's "fan" output is bit 1 of 37710 port 5... ;-)
      • Added LDB absolute and DIV direct opcodes.
      • Rewrote the RLA instruction. Pretty much everything was wrong with it including the result, flags, and cycle count.
      • Fixed disassembly for RLA.
    • flash.diff:
      • Added word-wide flash ROM support (specifically IDs itself as the Sharp LH28F400 found on Konami "Beat the Champ" PCBs).
  • Brian Troha added DIP switches to Boomer Rangr and Touchdown Fever
  • Takahiro Nogi contributed a large Mahjong Update from, updated by Pierpaolo Prazzoli
    • drivers/gomoku.c - improved sound
    • drivers/pastelg.c - added dipsw1&2 handling(2Player is not implemented yet)
    • vidhrdw/pastelg.c - rewrote drawing routine
    • machine/nb1413m3.c - added some process
    • machine/nb1413m3.h - added some definitions
    • drivers/nbmj8688.c - added mjsikakc, mjsikakd, mmsikaku, mcitylov, livegal, kaguya2, korinaim, kyuhito, mjcamerb
    • vidhrdw/nbmj8688.c - fixes to add mmsikaku, livegal
    • drivers/nbmj8891.c - added lovehous, mmaiko, mgion, omotesnd, taiwanmb(testdriver)
    • vidhrdw/nbmj8891.c - changed drawing routine, added font process routine for hanamomo
    • drivers/nbmj9195.c - added sailorwa(sailorws clone), jituroku, wcatcher, yosimoto, janbari(mjanbari is now clone of janbari)
    • vidhrdw/nbmj9195.c - changed drawing routine (fixed screen misalign in attract mode of "Otachidai no Okite")
    • drivers/niyanpai.c - added musobana, 4psimasy, mhhonban
    • vidhrdw/niyanpai.c - changed drawing routine, added highcolor process routine for musobana
    • drivers/hyhoo.c - changed key mapping
    • vidhrdw/hyhoo.c - fixed title screen of hyhoo2
    • pairsten - fixed inputs
    • adjusting interrupt of drivers using machine/nb1413.c/.h, so some titles are broken.

Game Support

New clones added

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING