Release Date

MAME 0.87u2 was released on 6 October 2004.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • R. Belmont updated the i960 core:
    • Added spanbit
    • Fixed error noted by ElSemi in spanbit and scanbit
    • Added non-queued interrupts to support games with the interrupt table in ROM (this fixes the colors and hanging in Sky Target, and Pilot Kids will need it too)
    • Added the ability for read/write handlers to declare themselves "noburst", for memory regions which don't auto-increment the address on i960 bulk transfers
    • General cleanup of the interrupt handling to remove duplicated code. There should be no functional difference
  • R. Belmont updated the model2 driver:
    • Properly mapped 'unplaced' ROMs for Daytona and Desert Tank
    • Added calls to i960 noburst support for the timer and interrupt control registers
    • Updated game status with latest knowledge
    • Noted that Last Bronx boots now
    • VF2 reparent: 2.1 is parent, ver. B and original are children
    • SHA1s for lastbexp, doa, and pltkids
    • Removed unnecessary code patch from DOA
    • Added Martin Marietta co-credit for Desert Tank
    • Added EPL Productions co-credit for Behind Enemy Lines
    • "Sonic Championship" renamed to "Sonic The Fighters"
    • Virtual On is "Cyber Troopers" (two words) on the title screen, not "Cybertroopers"
    • Zero Gunner changed from (Jap) to (Japan)
    • Mapped framebuffer RAM (used by Last Bronx)
    • Fixed non-32 bit writes to the interrupt registers
    • Fixed serial hardware mapping
    • Temporary hack to keep HOTD from freezing until I properly implement the timers
    • Split the 2O/2A/2B/2C drivers better. von now prints "MODEL 2BCRX" correctly
    • Hack to make Last Bronx run while I track down an i960 core bug that's haunting it
    • Patch from ElSemi for Zero Gunner crashing
    • Patched Daytona busywait for the TGPs (not sure how it worked without this before)
    • Fixed 68000 ROM load for skytargt
    • Fixed thinko in the interrupt register handling (still no help for Last Bronx, but the wrong way was definitely hurting it worse)
    • Fixed issue on big-endian machines
    • Added framework so the DSP program uploads are now handled correctly
  • Derrick Renaud fixed the analog port support
    • downtown - Both analog controls were set to player 1.
    • eterm - Crashed, due to inc/dec buttons not being defined for the analog ports.
  • Pierpaolo Prazzoli added an eeprom and flipscreen support to the games in vamphalf driver
  • Nathan Woods made misc updates
    • Created a MAME_VALIDITYCHECKS macro that when defined, can specify whether validity checks should be run. If undefined, it defaults to running the validity checks. This will facilitate turning off validity checks in MAME derivative projects.
    • Please DO NOT turn these off if you are making changes to the Mame source, any changes which fail the validity checks will be rejected.
    • Changed the stat() call to use Win32 equivalents.
  • Ville Linde made improvements to the SPI sprite decryption in rf2_2k

Game Support

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