Release Date

MAME 0.88u4 was released on 11 November 2004.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Sonikos fixed the nitrobal inputs
  • Angelo Salese updated Jalmah.c: fixed various stuff with the protection in the first version of this HW.This includes perfect color protection emulation,preliminary sound & preliminary tile transfer emulation
  • Chris Hardy made various Sega system 16/18 updates (moonwalker decryption keys etc.). Note: moonwalker needs a cpu core for the mcu (i8051 core?) before it will work
  • Nicola Salmoria fixed a bug in the fd1094dp.c and fd1094.c decryption to allow for cotton to be decrypted
  • Pierpaolo Prazzoli added other hyperstone models, converted vamphalf driver to use 16-bit version
  • Derrick Renaud updated the discrete sound system
    • Discrete Sound Changes
      • Removed the memory mapping system from the discrete inputs. It served no purpose and was never functional. It only added a layer of confusion to the code by forcing it's use on all current drivers that do not need it. If memory mapped inputs are needed in the future (not likely), then they can be added with a DISCRETE_INPUT_MAP function.
      • Now the discrete inputs are written to by their node name only. eg: discrete_sound_w(NODE_xx, data)
      • DISCRETE_INPUT and DISCRETE_INPUTX have been removed in favour of new easier to use input modules.
      • modified all current drivers to use new code.
      • moved discrete sound code from drivers and put in sndhrdw\
    • New Discrete Modules Added
      • DISCRETE_INPUT_DATA(node) - accepts 8-bit data from discrete_sound_w. Output at reset is 0.
      • DISCRETE_INPUT_LOGIC(node) - 0 if data=0; 1 if data=!0. Output at reset is 0.
      • DISCRETE_INPUT_NOT(node) - 0 if data=!0; 1 if data=0. Output at reset is 1.
      • DISCRETE_INPUTX_DATA(node, gain, offset, init)
      • DISCRETE_INPUTX_LOGIC(node, gain, offset, init)
      • DISCRETE_INPUTX_NOT(node, gain, offset, init)
      • same as above, but will modify the output by the given GAIN and OFFSET. At reset the output will be INIT modified by GAIN and OFFSET.
    • Game Driver Changes
      • skydiver - added proper watchdog. Merged memory map and added proper mirroring. Fixed coin input bug skydiver078u3yel. It's not a 100% accurate fix, but will work until I get the exact interrupt time. The current interrupt time was 100% off. It is now less then 25% off.
  • Aaron Giles contributed misc debugger updates
    • Added a "PC" register to the I386 core so that it should work in the new debugger
    • Cleaned up stepping code
    • Now refresh the display and all debugger windows after each step while stepping
    • When running with the debugger window open (F5 or 'go'), now update the debugger views 4 times per second
    • Can now break into the debugger even if you are focused on a debugger window
    • Memory/disasm windows now come up with the currently active CPU selected by default
    • added a new command: focus <cpunum>, which is equivalent to ignoring all other CPUs
    • changed ignore and observe to support multiple parameters so you can say "ignore 2,3,4"
    • changed ignore so that you are not allowed to ignore the last CPU
    • fixed ignore behavior so that other CPUs are truly ignored
    • fixed register window so that change hilights are maintained during scrolling and updates
    • changed debug memory accessors so they don't log on invalid memory accesses
    • tweaked the help text to indicate that help <command> works
    • added a new text attribute DCA_CURRENT, which is separate from DCA_SELECTED -- the main visible difference is that the memory view editing cursor is now hilighted red instead of yellow
  • Aaron Giles added a feature so In-line memory editing is now supported. To do this, I added a generic cursor concept to the view system. Each view can handle it however they want. Right now only the memory view supports a cursor.
  • Aaron Giles added a debugger feature to click in the memory view to place the cursor. Type over nibbles with 0-F, or use the arrow keys to navigate around. Tab cycles between the edit box and the memory editor.
  • smf updated the PSX core to show more registers

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