Release Date

MAME 0.91u1 was released on 30 January 2005.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Bryan McPhail fixed compiler warnings for non-GCC compiles:
    • cpuintrf.h - Duplicate enum
    • cpu/mh68hc11/hc11ops.c - C99 variable fix & warning fix
    • sound/streams.c - C99 variable fix
    • vidhrdw/pacman.c - C99 variable fix
    • vidhrdw/model3.c - C99 variable fix, unused variable fix, macro redefinition fix
    • vidhrdw/namcona1.c - Fixed unused variable warning
    • vidhrdw/taitoic.c - Fixed unused variable warning
    • vidhrdw/wgp.c - Fixed unused variable warning
    • windows/debugwin.c - Missing #include
  • Lawrence Gold did More compiler fixes:
    • src/cpu/arm7/arm7core.h, src/cpu/powerpc/ppc.h: Trailing comma at the end of an enum.
    • src/cpu/mc68hc11/hc11ops.c, src/cpu/mc68hc11/mc68hc11.c: ANSI C89 unfortunately doesn't allow unnamed structs or unions, so I had to uglify this code a bit. A cleaner solution is welcome.
    • src/drivers/segaorun.c: Returning a value from a void function
  • R. Belmont committed changes to Lethal Enforces
    • Implemented 48xx bankswitch region, which can toggle between custom chip registers and RAM (evil!).
    • Removed hack to pass POST since we now do it the right way
    • Corrected 56832 RAM interface, added preliminary support for external linescroll RAM on the 56832. This helps with the garbage tilemaps a bit since linescroll data is no longer getting sprayed all over VRAM. (note, with this update the driver was just crashing when I tested it, so maybe something is wrong)
  • Bryan McPhail updated the NEC disassembler:
    • Added support for encrypted opcodes in i386 disassembler (for Irem games).
    • Added some of the NEC V series instructions into i386 disassembler
  • Aaron Giles fixed a bug in the memory system introduced in 0.91, this was breaking at least Kinst, the Seattle driver, and wwally.
  • Nicola Salmoria updated the Qix driver:
    • fixed hang in Electric Yo-Yo attract (elecyoyo055yel)
    • external volume control and stereo support (by Derrick Renaud)
    • decrypted kram3, which is now working, unfortunately using large tables.
  • David Haywood fixed the missing net in Super Vollyball (svolley37b12yel)
  • David Haywood fixed garbage around life-bars in rabiolep (rabiolep37b1gre)
  • David Haywood fixed blanking out of levels at certain scores in Solomons Key (solomon36b10yel). This appears to be some basic protection, needs further investigation.

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