Some random stuff I'd like to look at:

  • Continue to try to get Balloon & Balloon (Eolith 2003) to boot and then finish its driver
  • Re-start from scratch to look at Sunset Riders bootleg
  • Better implement irqs in Hyperstone cpu core
  • Understand and emulate touch-screen in Hidden Catch 3
  • Try to finish to "decrypt" m90.c games
  • Finish progolf.c driver
  • Finish trvmadns.c driver
  • Check what's missing with Monster Zero
  • Simulate sound in Hard Times
  • Finish comparing and building Alligator Hunt tables based on the unprotected version, if they can get the game working

Here there's a list of bugs I'd like to see fixed but that I can't see how to fix:

  • m92.c sprites priorities bug