• Diamond Derby - (electrocoin on snk hardware) - No real reason. Could be worked on.
 *  Hyper NeoGeo 64
 (Soon to have its own page)
 [Samurai Shodown 64 2] - Doesn't set palette, locks up in attract mode, COULD be a bad dump.  
 [Roads Edge / Round Trip] - Doesn't pass network test, probably needs different IO emulated too.  
 [Fatal Fury Wild Ambition] - mostly playable, missing some 3d, missing 2d features etc.  
 [Buriki One] - makes conflicting use of the HNG64 video hardware.  
 [General] - needs IO and sound cpus emulated (advanced versions of v30 (v53) and Z80 ( KL5C80A12CFP ) )