Nothing listed here is a guarantee or promise of action. I have many more interests than I have hours in a day. This lists only things directly related to MAME and MESS. Also, order listed here may not reflect actual implementation order.


  • "napple2" project
 - Separate, clean, modern II/II+ and IIe/IIc/IIc Plus drivers (done)
 - Use bankdev for all banking (done)
 - Emulate IIc specific registers and features, including on-board mouse and memory card (done)
 - Pass all diagnostics (IIe/IIc pass, II Plus is close)
 - Missing features (II/II Plus have optional shift key mod, IIc has 40/80 column and DVORAK switches) (done)
 - All systems support key repeat at accurate speeds (manual repeat on II/II Plus, auto-repeat on IIe/IIc) (done)
 - Separate drivers for "near compatibles" like Laser 3000 and TK2000 (done)
  • Finish emulating original Mac and Mac Plus keyboards, eliminate that cruft from the driver
  • Break up Mac driver to better reflect h/w differences, and make the various system ASIC families into devices
  • Make "napplemega2" device for IIgs and Mac LC Apple IIe Card
  • Add -romsimm option to Mac driver for relevant machines
  • Integrate PortAudio? (Maybe some other solution?)
  • Figure out Ensoniq 16-bit crash (EPS OS, VFX SD/SD-1 sequencer)
  • Emulate 3rd-generation Ensoniqs (ASR-10, MR-Rack, KT-76)
  • DEC Rainbow/ITT3030 work
  • Break out HLE'd line-level ADB handling into a bus/ and devices.
  • Final, A/UX compliant (n)scsi-based NCR5380 and 5394/96 adaptations
  • Get Sun 3x to boot something
  • Other 1980s Unix workstations: Sun 1/2/3, HP, ???
  • Get Lisa to run
  • Help Andrew with Polygonet Commanders/Poly-Net Warriors where possible (I AM NOT A DSP56K COWBOY)
  • SH-4 DRC for Naomi/Atomiswave (and Dreamcast in MESS)
  • AICA needs better envelope handling. Shenmue DSF rips need filters.
  • Cycle-by-cycle WDC65816, integrating M377xx and Nintendo variants.


  • Integrate BGFX
  • Additional SDL2 polish: alt-enter should work on all screens, fix Windows create directory bug, default Windows build to -sound dsound


  • SCSP/AICA DSP recompiler
  • AICA needs better envelope handling. Shenmue DSF rips need the filters.
  • 65816 family reunion
    • Merge 65816/M37710 so identical opcodes use the same code
    • Add Nintendo varient that runs in terms of SNES master cycles for better accuracy
  • Rewrite Konami video chain and trojan unclear details
  • Further reverse-engineering on (Super) System 23


  • Rework OpenGL backend:
    • Need to use a pixel shader to do YUV to RGB conversion or else laserdisc games will suck mightily on modern video cards (which no longer have dedicated conversion hardware)
    • Render to texture first so user shader can still be used for final blit? (And how bad will this break fglrx and Apple drivers?)