Running the Emulation

How to run the Apollo emulation

MAME will emulate one of the following Apollo workstations and servers:

MAME System Apollo Display
dn3500 DN3500 Color or 15“ Monochrome
dn3500_19i DN3500 19” Monochrome
dsp3500 DSP3500 Terminal
dn3000 DN3000 Color or 15“ Monochrome
dn3000_19i DN3000 19” Monochrome
dsp3000 DSP3000 Terminal
dn5500 DN5500 Color or 15“ Monochrome
dn5500_19i DN5500 19” Monochrome
dsp5500 DSP5500 Terminal

To run an emulation start MAME with one system and additional command line options, e.g.

$ ./mame dn3500 -mouse -log -disk1 <pathname>.awd -flop <pathname>.afd

See the MAME Documentation for specifics on installing and using MAME.


  • The boot ROMs must have been setup, before the Apollo emulation may be run (see below).
  • Make sure you understand how to ungrab the mouse before runnung MESS with option mouse (see below)
  • The DN3x00 emulation may be run without option -mouse (i.e. without grabbing the mouse), if you are willing to move the cursor with the arrow keys of the keyboard (works quite good, once you get used to it)
  • DN3x00 is being used as shorthand for DN3000 or DN3500 or DN5500; same for DSP3x00

See also the MAME Documentation.

How to run config

The Apollo emulation should be configured for proper operation.

To run config

  • switch the Apollo emulation into Service Mode (see below) and reset or restart the emulation
  • press Return (in the MAME window or in the Terminal window) until the MD version and prompt (“>”) are shown
  • enter ex config and wait

the current configuration will be shown; expect something similar to:

Config - Offline(7), revision 10.4, December 2, 1991  7:29:50 pm

       Current configuration

       Board #  Size in megabytes
            1              4
            2              4
            3              4
            4              4
       Total configured memory: 16 megabytes

Node-id:       12345
Display type: DISP8D -- 1024x800 monochrome display 
Peripheral devices: 
       FPU5 -- MC68881/MC68882
       FLP7 -- Floppy disk
       WINCHESTER CONTROLLER TYPE --  SMS/Omti                       
          WIN7 -- Winchester (controller 0  unit 0):  380MB--FA                
       CTAPE7 -- Cartridge Tape (QIC-II)
       ETH802.3_AT -- 802.3 Network Controller-AT (unit 0)

       Principal network: ETH802.3_AT -- 802.3 Network Controller-AT (unit 0)

Would you like to reconfigure this node (Y/N)?