Apple II series

Designed by Steve Wozniak, the Apple II series was both one of the first mass-market 8-bit microcomputers and the longest-lived. The machines exemplified Wozniak's design sensibilities of not including hardware when software can perform the same function, and of being wide open for expansion.


  • Apple II (1977 - driver name apple2)
  • Apple II Plus (1979 - driver name apple2p)
  • Apple IIe (1983 - driver names apple2e, "apple2ee", "apple2ep")
  • Apple IIc (1984 - driver names apple2c, "apple2c0", "apple2c3", "apple2c4")
  • Apple IIGS (1986 - driver names apple2gs, "apple2gsr0", "apple2gsr1")
  • Apple IIc Plus (1988 - driver name apple2cp)

The default configuration