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==Can I record the music or sounds from the game?==
Yes. If you just want to record the sound effects and music from a session of playing the game in MAME, you can use the <code>-wavwrite</code> parameter, like so:
mame <gamename> -wavwrite <filename>
If you'd like to record specific sound effects on their own, you can use other programs such as [http://www.emuhype.com/index.phtml?s=misc&ss=index M1], which is a sound playback program that supports many of the same games that MAME does.
==What is the best output frequency to use?==
By default, MAME generates audio at 48000Hz. For most modern sound cards, this is the native sound rate and should produce the best results. Earlier sound cards tended to support 44100Hz as a different rate, so you can optionally try that if you're not happy with the sound quality.

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