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==Can I play MAME on an arcade monitor or on a TV screen?==
Yes, MAME can be used with real arcade monitors, and using such a monitor will give you a much better arcade picture than a computer monitor. However, you need a video card that supports 15 kHz output, or in some cases 25 kHz if your monitor is medium res. Driving a 31-48 kHz VGA, SVGA, or XGA signal to an arcade monitor can ''damage it permanently''. For more details and help on making this work, please see the [http://arcadecontrols.com/ Build Your Own Arcade Controls] website and forums.
For the use of MAME on a TV screen, you need a video card that provides TV-out support. The picture quality will be lower than a monitor, however many people have reported good results because most raster games in MAME run at low resolutions. If you use a TV connection, using S-Video, Component, or RGB Scart inputs will often lead to better results than composite or RF inputs.
For some examples of what MAME looks on a computer monitor, an arcade monitor and a TV screen, see [http://www.oscarcontrols.com/monitors.shtml this monitor output comparison] courtesy of [http://www.oscarcontrols.com/ Oscar Controls].
==Can I play vector games on a vector monitor?==
Indeed you can. With the [http://www.zektor.com/zvg/ Zektor's Vector Generator], you can use a special DOS-only version of MAME on a suitable vector monitor or Vectrex game console.
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