MAME 0.106u11

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Release Date

MAME 0.106u11 was released on 10 July 2006.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • MadSkunk changed XML output so that BIOS sets, ROM sets, and disks are output in the defined order.
  • Nathan Woods fixed a couple of bugs in the new screenshot taking code.
  • El Condor improved the memory map and clock speeds for the MPU4 driver.
  • Aaron Giles moved clipping into the core, rather than relying on the OSD layer to do the work. Removed the PUSH_CLIP and POP_CLIP primitives as they are no longer necessary. Added U/V coordinates to the primitives.
  • Aaron Giles fixed the rendering order so that overlays mixed with backdrops work as expected. Note that over-rendering backdrop pieces (like gollygho does) may not be supported in the future.
  • Aaron Giles changed DirectDraw behavior so that it will render to an offscreen system memory buffer if any blending is required, thus providing access to all the effects with a bit of slowdown in those cases.
  • Aaron Giles added a new command line option: -effect <filename>, which specifies a PNG file that is loaded and used as an RGB multiply overlay. This allows for scanline and RGB aperture mask effects. These overlays rotate with the game screens and only affect the game screens, not any of the other artwork. They also only run at the raw resolution of the render_target. This means in Direct3D or GDI modes, they map 1:1 to the pixels on your screen. In DirectDraw mode, they map 1:1 to the source pixels of the image (for DirectDraw, you can use -prescale n if you want an n:1 mapping; for example, you would probably want -prescale 2 if using a 2-pixel-tall scanlines overlay).
  • Aaron Giles added brightness, contrast, and gamma controls per-screen in the on-screen display section of the UI. This requires a change to the OSD rendering code to use lookup tables when copying RGB data to textures. Default values can be specified via the -brightness, -contrast, and -gamma command line/configuration options. Note that these options only affect screen areas of the final output and have no effect on artwork or the UI. The values configured in the OSD are saved in the config file for each game.
  • Aaron Giles added full screen equivalents of the brightness, contrast, and gamma controls. Unlike the screens-specific options, these only work in full screen mode using DirectX, and apply globally, affecting artwork and user interface as well. They are controlled via the -full_screen_brightness, -full_screen_contrast, and -full_screen_gamma options.
  • Aaron Giles added generic pen changing notification callbacks to the palette system.
  • Aaron Giles removed vector intensity controls as they are redundant with the new contrast controls.
  • Aaron Giles added X and Y offset/scale controls for each screen. This allows you to control the actual position of the screen within its container. In order to see beyond the game-configured visible area, the game must have set up the screen size to be larger than the core visible area. The Williams drivers have been updated as an example. Eugene Jarvis mentioned that if you adjust your monitor, you can see the stack in Robotron off to the right, and now you can in MAME as well. The values configured in the OSD are saved in the config file for each game.
  • Aaron Giles changed logic so that no rendering apart from the UI happens before MAME is in a running state. Until that time, a single pixel border will be displayed around the edges of each screen.
  • Aaron Giles added option_get_int_range() and option_get_float_range() functions which do added range checking on parameters, rather than requiring the callers to do the work. Also changed the behavior on options parsing failure to set to the default value rather than defaulting to 0.
  • Aaron Giles changed behavior of secondary windows so that they are not created as children of the primary window. Please re-verify that multiple screens still work with this change on your setup.
  • Aaron Giles added a new video option to move the user interface to secondary screens. The selected screen is saved in the video configuration.

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