MAME 0.134u1

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Release Date

MAME 0.134u1 was released on 24 September 2009.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Curt Coder added CDP1863/CDP1864 sound devices for MESS.
  • Roberto Fresca updated the Noraut discrete sound system: Changed C1 value (from PPI-1 PC6 line and Darlington array) to match the real value, as seen on the pcb. This should reproduce the 555 output accurately.
  • R. Belmont, Guru and Cah4e3 committed Naomi / AW updates.
    • Hooked up protection for Power Stone 2 and Toy Fighter.
    • Redumped bad rom in Heavy Metal Geomatrix.
    • Redumped bad roms in Virtua Fighter 4 (cartridge version).
    • Redumped Club Kart: European Session.
    • Updated Atomiswave hardware documentation.
  • Roberto Fresca added a new driver for Amatic encrypted gambling hardware. This system is based on a custom CPU. Graphics are decoded but only 2 bitplanes hooked. All the needed devices are in the driver, but commented out till can properly decrypt the program ROMs and identify the CPU. About the encryption scheme, see the driver notes.
  • Curt Coder added device_find_child_by_tag helper function.
  • Gabriele Gorla improved handling of override prefixes after a rep instruction in the i386 core.
  • Wilbert Pol updated the lr35902 cpu core:
    • Improved handling of the DI+HALT bug.
    • Do not clear the interrupt flag when the cpu is halted and no interrupt is taken.
  • scarlet and R. Belmont made the m68k core not save signal contexts on *BSD and Mac OS X.
  • Brian Troha correct bprom name in Hellfire sets and added documentation of the type of bprom used.
  • Curt Coder added deletion of MSVC specific files to clean task.
  • Angelo Salese improved z80dma:
    • Added Initiate read sequence command and hooked up basic status reading.
    • Added continue and reset port A/B timing commands.
    • Added enable/disable irq, force ready and reinitialize status byte commands.
    • Fixed Initiate read command.
    • Implemented reset command.
    • Implemented fixed port transfer behaviour.
    • Added decrement step mode and fixed a conceptual bug with portA writes.
    • Added preliminary search mode support and fixed a bug with WR3 mask byte.
    • Fixed ready flag when the DMA disabled/enabled commands are used.
  • couriersud provided a 64bit safe version of _get_profile_ticks, since "=A" inline assembly seems to be only supported on 32bit gcc.
  • Harmony ported Capcom CX4 implementation over from bsnes (original code by zsKnight, anomie and Nach). Mega Man X2 and X3 are now playable in MESS, with bugs.
  • couriersud partially implemented TMS5110_CMD_TEST_TALK:
    • According to the documentation, this needs to be issued to read status on CTL1.
    • CVS driver needs this.
  • Fabio Priuli fixed a bug in the DSP1 emulation. Super Mario Kart can be played again in MESS.
  • couriersud improved the CVS driver:
    • Hooked up speech cpu.
    • Got rid of "temporary" code which hardwire ctl & pdc writes.
    • Used tms rom clock as sense input for the s2650. darkwar now speaks again on startup.
    • Only one latch used for sound & speech.
    • Hooked up 393Hz signal to "dac3".
    • PCB pictures indicate discrete logic on the sound board. Marked all games as GAME_IMPERFECT_SOUND since we seem to miss some sounds.
    • 4bit dac remains mysterious.
  • couriersud improved the tms5110 sound core:
    • Implemented ctl port input/output for status reads.
    • Input/output is switched by clocking pdc after a TALK STATUS command.
    • Updated drivers to support new tms5110_ctl_r.
    • Now exhibits Rom Clock signal.
  • Eke-Eke and Nemesis updated the ym2612/3834 core to track latest knowledge:
    • Moved LFO vars inside the chip struct.
    • Changed SSG-EG to update before channel calcs.
  • Fujix and Tafoid updated nova2001 driver to use DIP LOCATIONS. Clarified and verified switch behavior, comparing to manuals where available.
  • Harmony fixed disassembly of NEG Rd,Rs instruction in ARM7TDMI Thumb mode.
  • Harmony fixed S-DD1 support in SNES driver; Street Fighter Alpha 2 is playable, Star Ocean shows decompressed graphics before hanging.
  • couriersud improved the S2650 core:
    • Added S2650_FO_PORT fake port for flag output line.
    • Made CHECK_IRQ_LINE an inline.
    • Verified irq handling (with help from Quench).
  • Guru completed the dump of Planet Harriers.
  • Harmony ported SPC7110 support from bsnes.
  • Harmony fixed an issue where running ST010 games would hang MESS.
  • couriersud made some progress with protection emulation for herbiedk and 8ballact. No more game specific program counter checks.
  • R. Belmont added support for external baud rates in the MC68681 DUART.
  • couriersud implemented a RS and WS line interface for tms5220:
    • This emulates the RS/WS and READY handshaking according to the tms5220 manual. Drivers reading the ready line should most probably use it.
    • Note: For cases where the READY handshake is done by the cpu sufficient cycles have to be burnt to simulate that the cpu waited. This yet has to be implemented.
  • couriersud updated the zaccaria.c driver:
    • Remove tms5220 kludge.
    • Hooked up new RS/WS/READY tms5220 interface.
    • Removed dac1 as well. Replaced it by attenuation control for ay2, channel B.
  • Rene Single made INI file order explicit via priorities.
  • Pugsy fixed F6 cheat toggle behavior.
  • Aaron Giles allowed for banks to take up half of the available slots. Explicit banks now work up to bank 64.
  • couriersud changed all tms5220 lines to (READ|WRITE)_LINE_DEVICE_HANDLER:
    • Added q suffix to denote active low lines.
    • Updated all drivers accordingly.
    • Removed some trampoline functions.
  • Lord Nightmare added TMS5220C variant to tms5220.c:
    • Implemented reset for TMS5220C if /RS and /WS are pulled down together.
    • Inserted LNs email and corrections as comment into source.
    • Created a TODO section.
  • couriersud updated gauntlet and firefox to use "new" tms5220 interface.
  • Derrick Renaud updated the discrete sound system:
    • Added DISCRETE_LOGIC_SHIFT - generic shift register.
    • Fixed DISCRETE_BIT_DECODE to apply proper voltage instead of clipping to INT.
  • couriersud converted 6532riot to devcb interfaces:
    • Updated all drivers.
    • Converted drivers to RS/WS tms5220 interface where appropriate.
    • Removed quite some trampoline functions.
  • ArcadeNUT corrected incorrect XTAL value for XTAL_32_768kHz.
  • Derrick Renaud optimized DISCRETE_74LS624 making dkongjr and mario faster.
  • Angelo Salese fixed an incorrectly setted SNES DMA register read, fixes DMA Memory in the test cartridge.
  • Curt Coder updated the i8085 core:
    • RIM instruction now shows the current status of RST5.5 and RST6.5 pins.
  • couriersud updated dkongjr to use parallel discrete tasks.
  • Atari Ace removed a number of #ifdef LSB_FIRST in favor of macros that do the equivalent.
  • JohnBoy updated the neogeo driver:
    • Renamed sets based on them being used for the initial AES production runs.
      • Renamed tophuntra to tophuntrh, added correct s1.
      • Renamed kof97a to kof97h.
      • Renamed bstars to bstarsh.
    • Added correct c1 to neocup98.
    • Added correct m1 and v1 to androdun (MVS version layout).
    • Tagged lastbld2 as newer revision.
    • Identified pbobblena as bootleg, renamed to pbobblenb, renamed roms to 'correct' chip label.
    • Renamed p1 in mslug4, see notes.
  • David Haywood added dipswitches for the photon2 coins, you can now select between 1 and 6 minutes per coin. Also added information about the original games that these have been bootlegged from.
  • Oliver Stoeneberg changed listxml:
    • Added an "optional" flag for rom/disk entries to -listxml output.
    • Removed the obsolete "dispose" flag from the DTD in the -listxml output.

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