Release Date

MAME 0.148u3 was released on 9 April 2013.


The known contributors for this version are, in alphabetical order:

Specific Contributions

The known contributions for this version are, in the order specified in the whatsnew:

  • Andrew Gardner provided QT Debugger fixes:
    • New memory windows start focused on the active CPU.
    • Opening a utility window, closing it, and stepping no longer re-opens the window.
  • Brian Troha updated shangha3.c: Added dipswitch locations to Shanghai III, Hebereke no Ponpoon and Blocken.
  • O. Galibert updated the m6502 core: Seriously untested multi-dispatch-table support.
  • Phil Bennett updated the coolridr driver: work around miscompile on newer versions of Clang.
  • R. Belmont and O. Galibert provided M740 CPU family updates:
    • Support for all T=1 instructions.
    • Added COM and the accumulator-only versions of INC and DEC.
  • Heihachi73 updated aristmk4.c:
    • Added Caribbean Gold (working), cleaned up comments and EPROM part numbers for a handful of games. Caribbean Gold needs some trivial input changes, as currently it has a logic door error on boot, however if you hit the coin input the error goes away and allows you to key in to perform a memory reset and finally coin up.
    • Also, Caribbean Gold 2 (cgold2) now has passable graphics, by using two of cgold's graphics ROMs (cgold u8 and u9 -> cgold2 u20 and u45) the game is now playable instead of a garbled mess (there are only a few tiles which differ between both games).
    • Promoted Caribbean Gold II and Fortune Hunter (and clone) to working - these had been working ever since eforest and arcwins were promoted but the flags were never removed.
  • R. Belmont added support for Mitsubishi M50740/50741 MCUs.
  • Miodrag Milanovic expanded device_t constructor with parameters for short name and source file location.
  • Carl updated the spu device: add cdda interrupts.
  • Robbbert updated sf2m3, sf2m8 - fixed remaining gfx issues, marked as WORKING.
  • Robbbert improved sf2m1, dinopic, dinopic2, punipic, punipic2, punipic3.
  • Brian Troha updated shangha3.c: Corrected clock speed for Shanghai 3 and added misc documentation.
  • smf made the GTE treat x & y coordinates as 11 bit signed, Ridge Racer Revolution loading game sets unused bits.
  • R. Belmont updated the M740 core: correct disassembly of bbs/bbc on A register.
  • digshadow, Sarayan and Lord Nightmare updated tms5220.c: Added correct tms5200 chirp rom derived from decap; This is now correctly used for 5200, 5220 and 5220c, improving the voice quality significantly.
  • R. Belmont updated the M740 core: Correct disassembly for seb x,A/clb x,A.
  • smf made the GTE treat x & y coordinates as 11 bit signed on dots, lines & rectangles. This fixes sprites in Zaynac X Zaynac (fc version) in MESS.
  • Andrew Gardner updated the QT debugger: The memory view chunk size radio now reports proper sizes. Fixed "ignore" command reporting incorrect invalid CPUs. Fixed crazy code responsible for opcodes' crc32s in the comments system.
  • Enik Land updated 315_5124.c: Small improvements to the palettes.
  • R. Belmont updated the i960 core: Add cvtilr needed by Zero Gunner.
  • Lord Nightmare and digshadow updated tms5220.c: Extremely minor fix for Speak External based on the 220c and 5200 decaps, and some small documentation updates.
  • Brian Troha updated gaplus.c: Corrected some issues between Galaga 3 & Gaplus sets.
  • smf reduced time before dma interrupt is fired, as it stops incorrect textures being displayed in a few games and the pse bios v2.2.
  • smf made psxgpu_device::update_screen clear the border area.
  • smf fixed GTE A1/A1/A3 flag calculation when the result exceeds the maximum bounds. GPF & DPCT work with all values of sf & lm.
  • Guru updated hardware readme in the namcos23 driver.
  • Just Desserts and Robert Tuccitto updated drawd3d.c - Fixes performance issues with YIQ enabled and prescale_x/prescale_y changes no longer impacts colors.
  • smf fixed GTE GPL & DCPL opcodes by porting over some changes from an old tree.
  • Peter Ferrie added default NVRAM to royalcrdp, allowing to boot the game, and promoted to working state.
  • Peter Ferrie and Roberto Fresca added default NVRAM to magicrd2b and magicrd2c, allowing to boot both games, and promoted to working state.
  • digshadow and Lord Nightmare updated the TMS5100 and 5200 series cores: document the decapping and verification of chirp tables for the tms5100, tms5200, tms5220, and tms5220c. The LPC tables are not verified yet.

Game Support

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